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Ben, ALL construction jobs are temporary -- it's the nature of the beast. Such was the same with the thousands of Census jobs in 2010, and the "shovel ready" jobs created by the Stimulus. The fact is that if the pipeline creates even ONE job, that's one family that does not have to accept government assistance to keep afloat, and most important, no government money was used to create that job. The only Unions who are upset at this pipeline are the ones who don't benefit from it, like CEP in Canada. Even to them, it's about the money, not about the environment.
I agree with you Tom, I worked for EIU of California who was subcontracted to do electrical work on the last pipeline that went through the Plains. You are going to bring in construction workers that will be making very good money (probably gross over 100k a year) much of which will stay in the local economies because of the need to house, feed, and provide basic life necessities to these workers. I can estimate from working on just a few of the pumping stations in Nebraska, and Kansas that workers were spending at least 50-60 dollars a day. Often times much more as we are really bad about saving money.. :D