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It is important to note that worshippers could pay homage to Mother Ganga without violating Her. These devotees performed puja (made offerings) on the banks of the Ganges and took a holy dip in the river, but did not place ritual items in the river after the ceremony. The ceremony is meant to gratify Mother, not desecrate Her. Polluting the waters with items that are not rapidly biodegradable is contradictory to the purpose of the ritual itself. These "consecration" practices that occur after the Ganga puja could disrupt the flow of Ganga.

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Kamini, this was well put together. It shows that despite the mystical beliefs connected to rivers we all need to work together to save them. Pollution is a big problem and our belief in God should spur us to create an awareness to involve others to join in the clean-up effort. These posts of yours are helping, please keep writing. Thanks.

I am certainly interested in the welfare of our rivers now that I've read your article. This is great work to progress into something truly your own.

Your articles are very articulate. I like the flow of information from one article to the next. Information was not repeated, but the topics were all interrelated. Is the pollution in the Ganges related to the extensive pujas or to the over population of India or a combination of the two? As I was reading this question came to mine.

Kamini, I really like the good working you are doing protecting the environment. I hope that all the hindus around the world take this into consideration to help protect our river.So that this world will be a better place for the next generation.