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The folks wanting more wolves must not have to live with them. They are not the ones hearing wolves howl from the local school yard or having their pets attacked! We have so many wolves now they have saturated the prime habitat and are encroaching on private property. Habituated wolves hanging around rural communities is not good - not for the wolves or the people!
To the writer of "The folks wanting more wolves must not have to live with them" I would treasure the oppritunity to live with them. On the other hand, You MUST keep in mind that YOU (the human being) invaded his space, not the other way around. SO QUIT WHINEING.
Your right on, I agree with you 100% !
Oh, please, please, come and live with them. We will be happy to give you a tour, and to let you sit in the middle of the pack of 13 that live just up the road from us. Perhaps they can be petted and their tummies rubbed, and convinced to leave everyone's pet dogs, and cattle alone. You could be the Wolf Whisperer.
I live in rural Montana, and I DO live with them. I have 4 dogs, and have not had one single problem with them. They are stunningly beautiful when you are lucky enough to observe them, and music to my ears when they communicate with each other. Wolves have ever right to be in this environment and serve as a valuable part of the eco-system. I am tired of cattle ranchers who lease federal lands for grazing who complain about losing livestock, even as they get reimbursed for their losses. If you don't like it, go to a non wilderness area. I am tired of hunters who complain that there are not enough Elk, Deer, etc., for their "sport." Get off your damn butts, get out of the car and do some actual HUNTING! Wolves are here to stay, and I will do everything in my power to make sure it stays that way.
Where I live we have coyotes that have bred with wolves, and we have tons of them! Everyone has learned to live with them, as they have as much right to live as we do. Did you know that when a coyote howls, it can magnify it's voice to sound like three ? So when it's really only three coyotes, it sounds like fifteen, and not one person complains of their howling ! Also we don't have open hunting season on Elk or Bear, which I know for a fact attracts hunters with money, from out of state, and this is the main reason for man wanting to kill the wolves. It has happened around here where someones dog has been killed, but the statistics are very low. As far as I am concerned pet cats should only be indoors, I do own cats, and have been on the other end of this before too. Years ago saving my outside cat from a Badger attack, instantly made him and all others inside only pets. I walk almost everyday where there are known packs of our mixed coyote-wolf mix breed, and black bear, We have coyotes in local school yards, we have them in downtown Boston now, we have just learned to cohabitat with them, because here we don't have all the rich and famous hunters coming for the yearly guys get together. I lived in one of the states out there that thrives on these seasons, I see the revenue it brings these states, and small towns. I'd much rather hear howling than gunshots !
These are non-native species of Canadian wolves, probably twice the size or more of your coyote mixes. They weigh up to 185 pounds, travel in packs, and can hamstring an elk or bison, or even bear in about 3 minutes. You would no longer appreciate the howling if it were your mules, cows, llamas, sheep, or beloved pets that were being stalked and killed. They are wiping out ungulate species in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, regardless of what you have been told. The historic Jackson Hole elk refuge hosted 19,000 or more. There are less than 2,000 left. Moose are gone. Deer are gone. As stated before, we do not hate wolves, we hate uncontrolled wolves that have done away with our wildlife - not to hunt, but just to enjoy. The woods are silent.
Well, if the wolves really are "wiping out ungulate" species, then hunters don't have to perform their proclaimed "service" to the states conservation plan, now do they? Hunting is no longer "needed" in those areas or states. Congrats, we have restored some nature to nature... Oh wait, that would cause loss of income and their receipt of federal funding for hunting promotion, wouldn't it? Look, the truth hurts, and now the lame excuses are blowing up in the faces of special interests trying to deny it. Thank you (and natural predators) for proving the truth that hunting isn't about population control anymore. Today it is about recreation for less than 7% of our US population. Golfers, horseback riders, etc etc can't just do their hobby anywhere they want to, and neither can hunters. Our population is making our outdoor sports less possible and more expensive. Hunters are NOT exempt from this. If you hunt for food, or need to, you still have options and always will. If you kill for fun and trophies, you have destroyed the "tradition" of ethical hunting and it is catching up to you now. Yes, I have lived with predators, had losses to predators, and I agree a RANCHER has rights to protect livestock. He also accepts the risks, as we all do in our own lives and careers. Don't use that rancher to justify your own trophy hunt. We, the public majority, are fed up with it.
National Urban Wildlife Coalition -
Bitterroot-Your post doesn't even make logical sense. By your logic, Deer, Elk, Moose, et al would have been extinct before manifest destiny came about as the wolves would have killed them all off years ago. And they are NOT wiping out the ungulates now. I have seen oodles of Deer, Moose and Elk this year; why the local newspaper just talked about how great the opening hunting season was. Gee, should we kill off all predators? Mountain lions? Bears? Coyotes? Stop being absurd and spreading mis-information.
Actually anyone who understands population densities immediately grasped the problem with this study as did more than likely the people who wrote it. Just as some elk that are eaten by wolves instead of dying of starvation in the winter so it is also true of human predation of wolves. If 20% of the wolves are culled there will be fewer killed by cars and intra-pack rivalry. What is much more interesting from a scientific viewpoint is the recently released long term genetic study which shows much larger genetic dispersal amongst the three states and Canada than had been previously thought. Indeed much lower numbers will be viable. Three hundred individuals might well be a high number. Perhaps in the near future they will maintain a population within Yellowstone Park for tourism and scientific purposes only.
I think we already have enough human predators in jail, and sadly still walking our streets...
Great study! I knew it was only a matter of time before research proved that arbitrary culling isn't the answer. For the two other posts here, I have this to say: First, go to college and take an ecology class. There you will learn about how predators ensure that we have plants, clean air, and water. While you're at it, learn to be a responsible pet owner. You should't be leaving pets outside unattended anyway; and for the other post, wolves aren't for Yellowstone and tourism only. Wolves are here to ensure human survival as well, and taking the genetic dispersal study out of context is stupid. You think that you. Oth live in total isolation, and that what happens in the environment has no effect on you, but it does, and we've already suffered from exterminating wolves, great white sharks, and other predators. Wolves need to come back and people will need to live with them as we have since ancient times. So grow up.
Hahahaha sure and I have a bridge to sell ya. Notice the writer lives in SC thousands of miles away from the wolves clueless about the reality. The studies on wolves are based on corruption and fraud tried to get a grant to prove wolves are wiping out the moose, elk, and deer, Deny ask for money to see if wolves are saving the eco system and millions open up. I have been to college and have more time studying nature in the wild for decades then most of you. One a fool with limited knowledge would ever make such an immature childish statement as "how predators ensure that we have plants, clean air, and water" What wolves magically clean water from drinking in it. LOL In the UK the wolves were wiped out 400 years ago guess what the eco system is doing great without them. That is called research I guess the college you attend didn't teach you about that. The torture is watching the lies and spin and fraud about wolves. All anti American wolf lovers should have to pay 25% of their income to pay for the destruction the wolves do. Put your money where your mouth is. Since the John Stark study proved wolves were killing the livestock and the ranchers were only being paid for 1 out 7 wolf kills on the average. Everything about the wolves is base on lies fraud corruption and feel good nonsense.
Apparently, your college education was a waste of money, since you learned neither how to use punctuation and grammar correctly, or how to read. The author of THIS article is from North Carolina, not South. The authors of the STUDY are from the University of Montana, in Bozeman. Which means everyone can safely disregard your opinion as that of an ignorant troll.
So if people should pay 25% of the damage you say wolves have created, I guess that means that man should pay at least 99%,from all the destruction we've created in the whole world. Since Moose are being hit by cars big time in New Hampshire, does that mean we should go out and kill a crap load of them, because a bunch are going to get hit by cars anyways ? How does any reasonable person rationalize how it's okay to wipe out a part of nature, it's got to be about money, no other doubt in my mind ! Seen the hunters come on their private jets,their movie stars, politicians, it's a big industry for these states. It's a known fact, if a species is wiped out, it effects the whole world. I think I'll howl at the moon tonight with my 4 legged neighbors !
Also Dr Mech stated that the wolves out west there is 3000 wolves. Yes again if you bother to read the studies you find the fraud of the so called official wolf count. Singles, Doubles and un collared wolf packs are not counted. So NRDC you going to support killing of the 1000 wolves now? What about the moose in Yellowstone park wiped out by wolves? I guess your writer failed to research that fact! Save the wolves and leave behind barren landscape great plan children. Maybe one day you people will grow up and face reality you have been sold a big lie
First of all, this 'study' fails to identify this wolf as non native, which for me, is the bottom line here. This wolf is not native to the lower 48, and when released upon our landscape was deemed "experimental" and "non essential". What has changed with this? Not 1 thing. It has been given protections illegally, and should be removed or treated as the predator it is. "Shoot on Sight" is the term I give people that care about our native wildlife when it comes to this predator. It was brought here illegally, and will be taken out legal or not. Shame on the people that fight for an illegally introduced specie that will harm all the native wildlife it comes in contact with. Save a herd of elk this year, Kill 1 'Canadian' wolf !!!
Man, I can't believe the attitudes of these individuals that live out West, that have posted here!! I wish there was a way to get all the humans out of, and away from all the last wild areas, and leave them to the animals that belong there. First of all the large predators, grizzly, wolves, etc., were here before humans, and hopefully long after. Are you kidding me, the big bad wolf is going to eat you all up, wtf!! The wolf is a beautiful predator, as is the grizzly, great white, lion, etc., they all play a crucial role in the environment they live in. If you don't like it, or are unwilling to use common sense while out in the wilds, then get the hell out of there. Humans, unlike other predators, are blood thirsty, compassionate killers, that have destroyed almost all living things on this planet. If you are afraid, look in the mirror, the reflection you see is one of a primate that has gone wild, and is a true killing machine.
The elk population in Wyoming is now at around 6,000 down from 20,000 since the introduction of the wolves back into the area. More wolves in the area will only decrease the elk population more. What about the status of this population? The elk are near an endangered number for their well being, what about this? . A drop in their population effects the health and well being of the herd leaving it at great risk for decrease due not only to the wolves but natural events causing their death. Wolf protection is lopsided and the advocates need to stop being so blind to one cause and look at the bigger picture of the effect of the wolf on all the animals in the environment. The wilderness area is NOT just about the wolf.
That's because their being over hunted, HELLO ! I've known of people that have been going there every year since the 80"s to kill Elk, and it isn't because these people are starving ! It's a game, it's fun, they get to KILL something , and all they have to do is pay cash to do it. Not one ever came back empty handed, and you wonder why the Elk population is disappearing ? Hello, speak the truth, reality please ...
You are clueless, bluemoon! The wolves ARE the reason for the decline, you ignore the truth! The pro propaganda is sickening!! Wolves help water resources and save the Aspens.....PALEASE!!! I have seen the Elk, Moose, and Deer disappear from Jackson Hole since the non native, invasive, wolf species was introduced! I live with the destruction to all wildlife in the Canadian wolf's you? I think not!! You have no idea!
There are so many reasons why the elk has declined (long drought, humans, poaching, wolves & other predators, disease, the list goes on. The wolf is a small kink in the chain. If humans would just leave nature alone, and let the ebb & flow, that is timeless, go on untouched, but if humans can't exploit it, we will not let it survive. That goes for land & sea :-(
Puff, the magic dragon, lives by the sea...........what a crock. When you finally realize that your steadfast defense of the wolf has left you with the wolves as the only remaining wildlife, perhaps you will climb down from your cloud. There is NO hunting allowed in Yellowstone - the traditional numbers of 19,000 or more elk that historically come into the refuge are down to 2,000, or less. COME to the areas where the wolves have literally sterilized the wilderness; the Sapphires, the Bitterroots, the Bob Marshall, the Selway, the Anaconda-Pintler, the Absaroka-Beartooth - you will see no life; no birds, no squirrels, no deer, no elk, no moose. They have all moved below the tree line, to find refuge wherever they can. This is NOT a fairy tale, this is real life, and if plans continue to move forward, coming to a state near you, where you can watch your precious wolves eat your pets. We do NOT hate wolves, we hate out of control wolf populations. Why are the Defenders of Wildlife only defending wolves?
The Bob Marshall?!? The Bob Marshall?!? You have GOT to be kidding me Bitterroot. I live RIGHT NEXT to the Bob Marshall and we have wildlife galore. What pipe have you been smoking?!?
Real simple, if you really want to live with wolves, live in Canada. Next, shoot them or hunt them, it doesn't matter. If the USFWS and the groups that set the target numbers in the beginning had upheld their agreement with the states this would be a non-issue. As they would have long ago reached the target number and been delisted, from there they would have been managed as big game animals in order to maintain the set numbers. But lies and studies keep the listing in court and not in the hands of game management officials.
Great read. I agree on the ban of killing wolves. I can understand the need to protect farming animals for food, work, transport ect. If a wolf kills one of your animals or trys yes stop it. But im finding that many of these hunters today that agree of the culling dont actully hunt for food, more so just for sport and they feel that wolves are the main problem. But it is unfair to try and wipe out a large amount of animals over one stupid idea. the only main diffrence between wolves and us is WE as a species is overpopulated and we have "boom boom" sticks and are quite greedy. I think its stupid that wolves are to blame for the loss of elk moose ect. Iv traveled around and studyed alot on wolves but i find that they eat more rabbits mice marrmots ect then the amount of biger game then we think. But again this is just anoughter story of the boy who cryed wolf. this is just my personal opinion i hope itdoesent upset anyone.