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"Japanese earthquake recovery money going to whaling " This budget appropriation of "Japan's Fisheries Agency " seems to be rejected by rebounding from the world. Therefore, they appeared in the last means. "Japan plans wider sales of whale meat. TOKYO, Nov. 7 -- Japan's Fisheries Agency plans to sell whale meat directly to the public to raise money for its deficit-ridden research whaling program, officials say. " "Japan's Fisheries Agency" and the government accepted research whaling as commercial whaling themselves from financial difficulties. "In 2009, it increased from 3,096 tonnes to 4,246 tonnes. In 2010, it exceeded 5,000 tonnes, before falling slightly to 4,284 tonnes in 2011" by Sir Ronald Sanders. A huge stockpile is a big proof which shows the non-necessity for whaling more to the world. A huge stockpile = "preparation of the third World War" ? Why nobody suspects? I do. "Although Japan has a 4000-ts stockpile, it continues whaling. " " why ?" "For what ? " “Infanticide of a whale” is for protecting the fish which man consumes. They tell a lie to the world. Suppose temporarily that their opinion is right. However, the world has not entrusted the request of the serious missions to Japan. Everyone in the world has not made such a request Japan. They have continued "commercial whaling "for " research whaling" by the way of excuse for a long time. Their theory has whaling first. The reasons for affirming all the whaling are attached later. The world knows that it is a reason of only own pocket of “whaling industry “. *Rather than the national life, they worried previously that a nuclear power plant might be made into decommissioning, and did accident processing. They do not have hesitation, either and drained radioactive contamination water to the Pacific Ocean. Respect should be shown more in the sea. Japan has a big problem in the amount of tuna capture and import of eel fry(Washington Convention) . It is the turn that Japan stops whaling. By the way As for this ship, the transmitter is not devised? Wiretap? I wish not to be the "Trojan horse". In name of Ποσειδῶν/Poseidōn, I pray that whaling finishes. Non Profit Individual Tokyo japan
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