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You're either against MTR or you're for it. There is nothing in between. The "new" EPA guidelines are a good starting point, and will hopefully slow down the process, but most of us will not be satisfied until MTR and all surface mining is no longer allowed. We're concerned over water for sure, but water is only one component of the environment. There's the soil which takes eons to form, there's the trees which take hundreds of years to become a stable part of the ecosystem, there's all the fauna which are dependent on an ecosystem that isn't disrupted, and of course there are the humans who live and are part of the mountains.

I want to say many thanks especially to Ashley Judd, and to Woody Harrelson, Dave Matthews, Darrell Hannah, Kathy Mattea, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and others (I'm sure I missed somebody) for supporting this just cause. Hopefully, being public figures, their words and efforts will have greater impact than mine.

Thank you for all you do around the world. Of course, the old boy net work is intimidated by an articulate, well informed woman. Stand your ground girl and know that you are a role model the likes of which our girls and boys have not seen in a long time.

P.S. I hope you are suing them for use of your image without permission, or just plain stupidity and rudeness.

Better yet create a banner of your own of their beer guts, saggy asses and balding heads.

Thanks for working so hard to oppose mountaintop removal. This practice is outrageous, and if more people are educated about what is really going on, public anger will grow. Eventually we will win. Keep up the good work!

Until recently I was out of touch with the sensitive issues surrounding MTR and this changed when I was assigned MTR as the subject of a project in one of my college classes. I have learned a lot and the MTR of WV and KY is especially disturbing. I will forever be changed by this subject and the emotion it brings out by all sides of this issue. I offer you my support for whatever it is worth and a great big "thank you". I appreciate you speaking out against this crime being committed on a large scale throughout the Appalachia region. Money is not the only thing that matters in this world and I cannot believe that we as citizens of the most technologically advanced people this world has ever seen still do not understand that you cannot take this money wtih you when you leave this world, all you can do is leave it behind. The money that is left behind by the fat cats in the coal company will be nothing when compared to the damages they inflicted upon this Earth. I can only hope that this legacy of destruction can be halted, and that we as Appalachains can find something else to make us famous other than the defamation of our heritage-- these beautiful mountains, and all the life they give.