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Why not ask people who have livestock on places you are placing wolves! When they can't find food readly they go for livestock------ which means money and lively hood for the ranchers- for me I don't want them!!!
Predators have a function in the ecosystem. They move herds along, keeping areas from being overgrazed ,as well as keeping ungulate populations healthy by culling the unfit. There are many ways, some low tech and low cost, to protect livestock from wolves and ranchers are using them with great success. Why not get the facts before just writing lame comments like "I don't want them."
I heartily laud a program to preserve the Mexican Gray Wolf. note, right now Arizona is on fire! It cannot decide issues to benefit human beings, it has little impetus to protect the gray wolf. Click here: New Mexico abandons efforts to restore Mexican gray wolves - Perhaps there is a better solution, and that is for the experts to determine, but I can hardly believe that this act of re-introducing ZEKE into the wild after living so long with his human family will be productive or rewarding. Kudos to you for your attempt, but this is all wrong. AnimalActionUSA
Every time I read the fire in green eyes of Leopold's wolf I laugh. Leopold also wrote the book called "Game Management" the first and most influential book on managing large wild mammals. Leopold and his contemporaries instigated the scientific management of wildlife, it's called the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Using those scientific based management techniques we have reintroduced and managed almost all species that you now take for granted such as the elk calves that it was intended Zeke eat. Speaking of which, do not name animals, nothing makes people think you are more unserious. It's called anthropomorphizing. Name your babies, leave wildlife alone. Where was I. We don't need wolves, we manage game just fine without them. Eventually wolves will become a nuisance. If there are just ten or twenty everything is hunky dory, but then they multiply. Wolves double in population every three to five years, look what happened up north. In twenty years you have wolves coming out your ears, eating all the game eating each other and eating people. (PS wolves do eat people, that myth has been put to rest, now that we have wolves we have them pulling down people now and again) So we're going to have to kill wolves, and how do we do that? Nope, hunters could care less about wolves, can't eat em. OK, pay state department of fish and wildlife, wipe out packs via slow moving airplanes and gas pups in dens. Why? Why do we need wolves? Uh, we don't. Oh Noez the riparian zones are over grown and little beaver can't get enough water and and and and. Oh baloney. Riparian zones elsewhere in the west are doing just fine thank you.But but but ungulates are taking over!!!! Oh moose hooey. Since when are there too many moose, elk, or deer, in the west? Not since Leopold was shooting critters. Now we issue tags for the exact number, sex, and age of any species we want reduced and people pay hundreds of dollars to take a chance at popping one. Pop environmentalism is what it is. Buy a subaru, a malamute, some tele skis, and work for Defenders of not time to get a real job yet. Surely there must be a more constructive hobby.
Riparian zones in the west are doing fine? On what planet? I quit eating beef after hiking through one cow burned stream too many. No baby cottonwood seedlings and only old senescent trees. When the rain finally comes it just floods. The streams can't hold it because their vegetation is gone. Wolves do not grow to the sky. They are highly social animals and defend their hunting grounds from other wolves. Long before the population of game animals is threatened by wolves, wolves start killing each other. Humans don't have to. In the great lakes region, wolves were never exterminated and they are completely protected. The populations have been stable for years. And before this awful wolf hunt that will take place in the Northen Rockies this coming season, all appearances were that the population there had stablized too. The New Mexico game commission did not end the wolf reintroduction program, they just took NM Game and Fish out of it apparently to save a litle bit of money- and not a small part of that money was to help livestock owners coexist with wolves. So now livestock owners won't be getting that help- prepare for even more whining. Mexican wolves have never been documented to have killed a human- ever. They are much smaller than their northern counteparts but just as valuable to their ecosystems. And there is no evidence there were ever as many elk in the Mexican wolf recovery area as there are now. Elk need to be brought into balance. But human hunters only want to kill the healthiest males in the prime of their lives with the biggest antlers. That does not help the health of the elk herd nor limit their numbers because one male can impregnate many females. It does mean the number of older males with big antlers is declining. The action of the NM Game Commission is indicative that these hunters don't really care about conservation. They just want targets and lot of 'em .
No predator, just human... It's always so centered on human !! Wolves are part of biodiversity. Yes, there is sometimes a lack of preys : So what ? Let's manage to come back to a great ballance ! Nature lived before us and will live after us. Humans have the very BAD habit to think they're a super specie who can manage everything on nature : just look at the ecological disasters we live and stop thinking of humans only.