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George Carlin was a climate change denier and the majority of voters now will take his word over that of the lab coat consultant’s as they continue to exploit and exaggerate. Science after all gave us their pesticides that they denied being toxic for decades. Science and “chemicals made environmentalism necessary in the first place. These are not saints; they are paid consultants studying the effects, not causes of a worst case scenario. It wasn’t a hoax or a conspiracy. It was a feeding frenzy of legal exaggeration and real planet lovers welcome the crisis not being real after all. Outdated climate change believers look like the last guy ever, to let go of his Palm Pilot and stylus and any believer now days looks like the last fella ever, to show up to the party still dressed in 70’s disco duds. CO2 “crisis” environmentalism thankfully is doomed to the basement storage boxes of academia and this tragic exaggeration of “catastrophic” crisis has done to liberalism, science and journalism what Bush’s false war did for the neocons. And be warned, history will curse us all for trying to control a changing climate and condemning billions of helpless children to the greenhouse gas chambers. Children get over finding out that Santa isn’t real, but to lie to them as adults and threaten them with a death by CO2 if they don’t start turning the lights out more often will give climate blame a special place in the history books.
What has bothered me most about the fake climate crisis is how it channeled political activism off into a dead end. So many real problems are ignored, like the pollution of wars using Depleted Uranium munitions by people who should be screaming about it. Instead they dressed in Polar bear costumes to rage about a beneficial trace gas. Shameful!
The problem with banning the burning of land is that if the underbrush is not burned off then nature tends to take care of that for us, only the fires are bigger and more destructive. Just look at California, who does not burn, but they have some of the worst fires in the world. There has to be easier and less destructive ways.



There are always ways to help the environment but the problem is that most of these things are not thought through completely once they are coming and then there are more problems.