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Crude oil continues to invade the Gulf; as BP, the US Government, and other official agencies monitoring the toxic crude, continues to FIDDLE. That is what I called the Dance of Deliberate Deception. No one will come forward with the intestinal fortitude, and declare the obvious - that crude oil is toxic to breathe. I have been told by OSHA that a medical study cannot be conducted until after 6 months of exposure. WHAT? There have been 21 years since the exposure of the crude oil in Prince William Sound, and no one is listening. So, after 6 months of workers in the gulf breathe in the crude oil, a study can be conducted? That leads me to believe that the government is holding up the rug, while BP sweeps known reports under the same rug, and the other agencies conduct the Dance of Deliberate Deception on top of the rug.

Read this alert - stand with me and demand honest answers for the Gulf residents, and cleanup workers who will be suffering from the toxicity of the crude oil, if this political dance is allowed to continue.

My name is Merle Savage, a female general foreman during the Exxon Valdez oil spill beach cleanup in 1989. I am one of the 11,000+ cleanup workers, who is suffering from health issues from that toxic cleanup, without compensation from Exxon.
Keith Olbermann & Merle Savage
Esquire Magazine:

I can't believe more people haven't commented on this story. I think this women needs to take her story to national news networks. BP's PR scam seems to be working. Sweeping it under the rug, or in this case under the ocean's surface. Everyone would like to pretend that if they can't see it, it just isn't there. If your pet dog or cat was covered in crude oil I bet you would sit up and take notice. If this spill was on shore where everyone could see it, you bet there would be a reaction. By keeping it under water, and dispersing it on the surface (with highly toxic chemicals!) it doesn't reach the shore in the high amounts it would be if they weren't doing this. Keeping it in the water doesn't help anyone in the long run except BP. Yes, it's an ungodly mess to cleanup on the shore. But it can be done. And then the public knows what it's dealing with. Public outcry if all this oil landed on the beaches of Mississippi and Alabama would be enormous. Only then would we see a real response to this disaster.

Information like this needs to be shared with as many people as possible. Thank you, I will CERTAINLY pass it on in every way I can .

Sea Brat “tox profile” from EPA website shows much safer. The higher the numbers the less toxic. I do not understand the misinformation coming from “scientists.” The LC50 is lethal concentration required to kill 50% of the fish/ shrimp in the test within various time frames. The lower number means less chemical is required (in ppm or parts per million or mg/kg) to cause death. It is important to look at the numbers for the dispersant chemical when mixed with the oil. This is the important part. A higher number for just the dispersant alone means little. For example Styrofoam by itself may show as non toxic. Because it is not easy to inhale or ingest. But when mixed with or dissolved into diesel it becomes a different chemical which is more toxic than the diesel by itself. Sea Brat is designed as a bioremediation product also which means it is made for biodegradation. Corexit (9500A) is basically a kerosene mix. Read link below.

SEA BRAT #4 & No. 2 Fuel Oil (1:10) LC50 ppm
Menidia beryllina 23.00 96-hr and
Mysidopsis bahia 18.00 48-hr

COREXIT® EC9500A & No. 2 Fuel Oil (1:10) LC50 ppm
Menidia beryllina 3.40 48-hr and
Mysidopsis bahia 2.61 96-hr

As I understand it so far, there's concern that Sea Brat 4 may degrade to nonylphenol, an organic chemical toxic to many aquatic organisms, as well as an endocrine disruptor. Nonylphenol is also persistent in the environment, accumulating in the tissues of carnivorous animals.

And wait till it gets in the human food chain....sushi anyone?? we'll have collapse of the seafoot industry, fishermen, restaurants...and health problems for those of us who didn't stop eating fish soon enough. Perhaps this will be another opportunity for nature to cull the most selfish and near sighted species on the planet....US!

They used Corexit to atomize the oil in food producing waters.