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Advice on health and home from NRDC's green living guru
You've touched upon so many simple areas that can be improved upon in everyday life and applied at any type of venue obviously. It's good to see more and more organizers take the time to make thoughtful decisions in the planning and running of these huge events.
Thanks for highlighting the food waste composting at Flushing Meadows, Wendy. As someone who writes about food waste daily, I'm really excited to hear about the greening operations at the US Open. When you consider the environmental impact, it seems like a real no-brainer to compost at large sporting events. Hopefully it will become more of the norm over the next few years.
All great points covered here and fans will go a long way in greening up events if they follow these simple tips. One additional way to become more green is to balance their environmental impact as fans--have them put some skin in the game. Fans Without Footprints is an easy way to accomplish this while supporting local green projects. Check out and let me know if you agree.