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An insider's guide to environmental politics in Washington
I think America is at an energy crossroads. We need to transition to renewable sources of energy but it won’t happen overnight. Change is hard and takes time. I created a petition asking the Obama Administration to: Promote America’s transition to renewable sources of energy. If this petition gets at least 25,000 signatures by November 21, 2011, the White House will review it and respond. I am hoping it gets much more than that. It takes about 3 minutes to read and sign this petition. Go to this website: If you support the idea, please join me in advocating for cleaner sources of energy. Tell your friends, family and colleagues to join us in support of renewable energy for America. Together we can move mountains and harness the sun's energy too! We can make our voices heard even if we can’t attend the protest.
The average American needs to be aware that Keystone XL is a bad deal for us, all the way around.