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Although a compelling article the generates fear in most people who would do anything to protect our children, the sad truth is that your facts are skewed to create those results. Truth is that perchlorate has been found in both breast milk and it can be transfered through the placenta to a baby in the womb. However, the study on thyroid disfunction mentioned by Robert Zoeller had NOTHING to do with perchlorate or its effects on child developement. Perchlorate inhibits iodine uptake in the thyroid, it does not "reduce thyroid function" as a whole. If the mother or infant is iodine (i.e. salt) deficient from some other factor (i.e very poor nutrition) or ingests very large quantities of perchlorate (100's of parts per million)so that iodine is blocked from being absorbed by the thyroid, then developmental problems are likely in a small child. Under normal health conditions, the perchlorate salt will pass/flush through the human body with NO observable effect (it does not accumulate in the body like mercury).

I am not suggesting that we should drink perchlorate contaminated water with impunity or not require clean-up of sources contaminating groundwater. I am suggesting we get off the fear train to push agendas that are not really proven, but sound great on the front page of the paper. Linking unrelated reports (one on thyroid disfunction and one of perchlorate flow through the body) and stating an unproven opinion as fact is wrong regardless of who states it. For the Billions it would cost to clean-up this chemical that we have been exposed to for generations, with not a single health problem being linked to it at parts per billion levels, I would rather we spend that money on prenatal care, nutritional education, and technology to reduce emissions from cars. This would save millions of lives vs th "potential" to save a few who already have some other medical issue that "may" be effected by a salt we have already been exposed to.

I know, not a popular view because it makes to much sense. There is alot more each of use can do to protect our children (like stop drinking soda and fast food)but its always eaiser to point the finger at someone else and blame them (so we do not have to take responsability). The writer has implemented many changes to protect her children, lets focus on that instead of another Govt boon doggle based on fear instead of fact.

p.s. I am an Masters degreed environmental scientist with over 20 years experience in these issues. I know what I am talking about.