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Great tips, Aimee. OnEarth ran an article by Amy Stewart, the author of Flower Confidential and Wicked Plants, on how to make your lawn and garden more hospitable to wildlife and it covers some of the tips you provide. You can check it out here:

Stewart had her garden certified as wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Foundation, and you can read some tips here:

I read your earlier post about your family's garden in California. Perhaps there's a summer project in your future!

Thanks for the link Laura. I think my mom and I will be working on getting the garden at home certified this summer. We have actually been talking about it for a while, but weren't sure how to go about getting it done. Now we have some more information and a good place to start!

Thanks Amiee! I really liked your advice. I just bought a house and I needed some good tips on how to start off my garden. I don't have much of a green thumb but with all this property, I guess I should start learning.

Great post!

Thanks Tyler! I'm glad I could help!

Thanks Tyler! Glad I could help, I'm working on helping my mom transform her garden this summer.