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How stupid do you have to be to not realize that this disease could be kept out of the US by controling who comes and goes through nthe borders?

While global warming could be a factor, this article is ignoring so many more elements. First of all, there is a lot more people on the planet than 50 years ago. Humankind's numbers have more than doubled since 1960. Secondly, much of this growth has been in the Third World tropical to semitropical climates, the ultimate breeding ground for lots of mosquito species. Finally, today's population is much more mobile, with First and Second Worlders able to fly safely and cheaply, across continents and vast oceans, while Third Worlders, in an effort to get out of the hell holes they find themselves in, ignore political boundaries and head for the First World nations. The USA has approximately 15-20 million illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico and Central America, living here, often without health care. Is it any wonder why Dengue fever and a myriad of other tropical diseases are flourishing here?

The disease can't be transmitted from human to human, you can only get it from a mosquito bite. You have a far greater chance of getting bit by a mosquito that has progressively moved it's range farther north, than from a mosquito that has bitten an infected person, and then bites you.

Is there anything besides (and safer than) DDT that can kill mosquitoes that carry this and other diseases?

One of the best ways to control mosquito population was something called "bats". However, due to "White-Nose Syndrome" and other unidentified and ignored diseases, the bat population has seriously declined, with certain species now endangered,in recent years. Add that to the already known climate related changes this planet is NOW facing, (no it's not a conspiracy theory), and Dengue Fever is on your doorstep.
I suggest everyone take a good look at ALL of the environmental changes that have occurred and see how interconnected it all is. Illegal immigrants are NOT the cause, they are an effect.

Disease knows no borders, nationalities nor is what it is. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.