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The author of Sick of Nature and Tarball Chronicles pushes environmentalism to the edge
It sounds like you have spent a lot of time contemplating your new book and I hope to be able to read it. You are an author who seems to be writing for what you love and not just writing to make money.
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Bill, I respect your writing and many of your consultations are valid but to understand the island you must include history for a complete picture. As a resident of Dauphin Island were were also intimidated and barred from our towns streets, beaches and property by overly aggressive BP rentacops, BP contractors who threatened us with arrest if we got to close or took photos and basically turned THEIR created disaster into OUR loss of civil liberties and property rights. I helped Carl Safina (quoted in his book), took many videos, stills, attended many meetings and was lied to on MANY occasions during this disaster. But to understand this island you did not take time to see the damages and threat to the East end of the islands habitat where the Audubon bird sanctuaries water source was threatened by oil. The west bee's environmental disruption will be scoured clean during the next Katrina. The same storm usually will cause minimal damage to the East end (a part of the island which has not migrated north since maps from the 1600's when it was the capital on the French Territories and major anchorage) but with the oil still laying in wait could truly cause environmental destruction. The story of erosion in Dauphin Island is not complete without a look at shortsighted federal dredging decisions which has CUTOFF the sand conveyor which runs East to West. Dredging of the Mobile Bay ship channel and subsequent "low bid" decisions redirected natural sand refurbishment into deep water where it was lost not just to Dauphin Island but to all the at risk Federal barrier islands in Mississippi. Without the back story you cannot understand the mindset of the island. Additionally, no one in the island called what was done refurbishment. We know the definition of the term and what has been done to us over the decades was never refurbishment. As to politics, no decision by the governor would impact his election as he was in his final mandated term and the votes of 1000 residents means nothing in this state. As I said, I respect your writing but more aggressive research should be done under cooler deliberation. Best wishes with the book. Marion
Please excuse typos from iPad above. West End was changed to West bee's (LOL) and the term renourishment was changed to refurbishment. One additional note, if you want to see an area impacted by dredging like this chain of barrier islands look at Charleston harbor and Folly Beach. The COE admitted culpability there but denies it on the poorer Gulf coast. Best wishes, Marion