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The conference is going nowhere because much of the cause of global warming is not understood.
The major part of the climate crisis is due to the releasing of trapped chemical energy in fossil fuels and trapped nuclear energy in atomic fuels. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy the energy released as heat energy after having done heating or working for us has to add to the overload of heat energy in the biosphere. Until we face that Law, we go nowhere. Dr. J. Singmaster

Thanks for this great piece. I think more of the real work of the conference is continuing than your post suggests. As I blogged at Legal Planet (link below), the real work and substantive negotiations are continuing in closed door informals, despite the suspensions of the COP and CMP. In addition to the informals, various contact groups continue to meet (I attended one yesterday), and the Long-Term Cooperative Action working group and the Kyoto Protocol working group continue their work. If the COP and CMP are still suspended when those groups finish their work and seek to bring it forward to the COP and CMP, that would pose a significant obstacle for the conference. However, on Saturday morning both the COP and CMP are meeting, so we will see if this impasse for the supreme bodies has been overcome!

All the dunderheaded disinformation, deceit, delay, denial and disasterous decisionmaking of the past 8 long dark years are in past. With a little luck people with feet of play will overcome the arrogance, wanton greed and stupidity perpetrated by the Masters of the Universe among us, the most avaricious and self-righteous ones who widely proclaim their greed-mongering is God's work.

What mental disorder describes those among us who proclaim themselves Masters of the Universe doing the work of God?

Years of hard work by people with feet of clay all come down to this week. The "now or never" week is at hand for the children, global biodiversity, life as we know it, the integrity of Earth and its environs. This week is the moment that the Masters of the Universe cannot avoid any longer; all of human family are bound in this long-awaited momentous week. The time for action has come, finally. The opportunity held in this blessed moment must not be missed.

If anyone thinks of something that I can do to assist any of you to reasonably, sensibly, responsibly and humanely realize the goals of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, please send word to me.

Steve Salmony
Chapel Hill, North Carolina