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The “consensus” was perception, not truth because both denier and believer scientists agreed that; A-there will be effects, and B, -those effects will vary from nothing to negligible to complete and out of control unstoppable warming of the planet turning us into more like the planet Venus. Gee, what’s not to agree with? That explains why every organization and every single scientist being paid to study the effects, (not causes), has their own unique definition of climate change. It was a free pass and a consultant’s w&t-dream and a free pass for lab coat consultants calling themselves saintly scientists. It was perception, not fact because how else would you explain the thousands of consensus scientists vastly out numbering the protestors. And here is absolute proof that scientific consensus of climate change was a perception and not fact. If it WERE true, the countless thousands of consensus and concerned scientists would be marching in the streets themselves and scrambling to get on CNN to warn the world of this comet hit of a global and planetary emergency they have said it is for 25 years now. The climate change mistake has done to science what abusive priests did to the Catholic Church and wasn't it scientists who polluted the planet in the first place with their cancer causing chemicals and pesticides? Climate change was a comfortable lie turned criminal exaggeration fueled by political correctness on steroids. It comes home when you look your own children in eyes and warn them that they will die an unspeakable death on a CO2 ravaged planet if they don’t start turning the lights out more often. While Obama wanted one time promised to lower the seas and make the weather colder with taxes, he never even mentioned the “crisis” in his last State of the Union Address. Perception is politics and politics is perception. Not admitting our mistake of needless panic and crisis exaggeration has made lying and fear mongering neocons out of all of us.
In a world ruled by spin doctors and greed-mongers science occasionally appears as a clear and present danger.
Great article! I know first hand how hard it is to communicate science to the general public. I was the lead researcher for a website on climate change called Climate Change The site contains both "pro" and "con" information in the form of pro and con arguments, a non-biased background information section, and direct quotations from experts on the subject. Please take a look: For those who say the debate is over, they only have to take a look at this site to see that the debate continues to rage.