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Opinions and observations from environmental experts, activists, and luminaries
I can't believe they would threaten a beautiful national park with this kind of devastation. We are recent visitors to the Bryce Canyon area.... Right now it is pristine - I'm not a tree hugger, but this just seems like one more politician mis-using his status for all the wrong reasons.
Bobby, thanks for taking the time to write and call attention to this unfolding disaster. I've never been able to understand how people, who claim to love and appreciate the natural world, can breach the earth so brutally and render poisonous, large swaths of the surrounding watershed and countryside. Mining is severely under-regulated in this country. Open-pit mining is the most disasterous method because it exposes massive areas to erosion and spreads a long menu of toxic, heavy metals across the land. Coal mining exposes and spreads radioactive elements, arsenic, mercury, chromium and other metals. Water and snow interact with sulfide minerals to create sulfuric acid and this soup of poison usually leaches into the ground water: rivers, lakes and wells. The waters become poisonous. An operation of this kind, ten miles from Bryce Canyon, is a disaster in the making for the Canyon and surrounding communities. I wish you the best and hope that Governor Herbet will heed your plea.
I have thoroughly read the above information about the proposed open / strip mining of coal close to Bryce Canyon NP----bringing with it a daily steady stream of heavy trucks through the center of Panguitch, Utah, along US HIghway 89. I totally agree with the writers that this invasive process is potentially very dangerous and destructive to air and water quality, local wildlife and even the local and regional economy. And---if all that isn't bad enough--- it would probably plunder and badly scar the tranquil surrounding countryside ---and the unique magnificence of Bryce Canyon itself---for years or decades to come. The near-total lack of regulation and the wholesale violation of the normally quiet, clean natural beauty of this lovely region are conditions that I find to be totally offensive, repugnant, unconscionable---and unacceptable. If the governor of Utah, state and local legislators and official regulators throughout this region have any heart or soul, any common decency and humanity, I call upon all of them to vigorously and vehemently oppose any further support or advancement of this horrible, destructive coal-mining project. ----Adam E. Pollack
Adam- Thanks for your wonderful comments. I hope you shared your feelings with our Governor and any US Senators and Congressman you feel would be receptive to our cause.
I would be curious to know where the coal from this mine will be going. Will it be going to coal-fired power plants in Utah or will it be shipped over seas to another country? I don't live in Southern Utah but I am familiar with the area. I don't understand why the focus on mining when we should be focusing on alternative energy sources.
i dont think a coil mine should be in such a beautiful place thats messed up.
I could not believe my eyes when reading about that future coal mine a few miles away from Bryce Canyon! I am French but visited Bryce many many times in different seasons with my husband and friends. It has really become a love affair between Bryce and us. The mine would also harm one of the most beautiful places on earth, Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs in width and length, touching even Lake Powell and Escalante. Kaiparowits Plateau has been presevered from becoming a coal mine. We hope that local people will get the right inspiration to stop the decision. Nine Mile Canyon farer in the North is a very sad example of what the truck rotation can mean, it would even be worse! We are a few French people who feel at home in the Southwest and try to do what we can to support you. We have sent an email to Governor Herbert and hope that he will also consider the opinion of foreingers. Annie
Ultimately, the Alton Coal Mine is not only about Bryce National Canyon or Utah's wildlands. It is about Federal Authority Versus State and Peoples Authority Over the Re-Public Domain and Right to Lease and Sell the Commodities, the Land of the Citizen’s against their will (Full) -sovereignthink
Give me a break! It is absurd to think that this tiny and ephemeral strip mine will ruin Bryce Canyon! You'd have to go quite out of your way even to find it. Really want to help the environment? Turn off your computer, turn off your lights, turn off your furnace, turn off your water heater, stop driving your car, bundle up in old warm rags, find a stick, and go dig for bugs. Hypocrites and liars make me nauseous.
Dave, you are absolutely right. There will be NO impact on the Park. You can't see it from there. This is on private land that these people want to use for mining, knowing that when the mine is gone, beneficial vegetation will be planted that is much more productive than the PJ and sagebrush that is there now. This is another Enviro-Scam to collect donations for high paid lawyers to sue businesses and land owners from helping the country toward energy independence. And yes, this very low sulfur coal will be burned at Delta Utah, not shipped to China. Get a life and leave people who have a little initiative and foresight alone.
I agree, I am so tired of government and other environs always dictating what even private property owners can and can't do with their land. So many extremist trying to control rather than help those with initiatives and foresight. Back off and leave the private sector ALONE!!