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I was so incensed with this news that I started a petition. This kind of media censorship contributes to public ignorance about climate change. Given the weight of evidence on the side of climate change, caving in to the deniers is irresponsible in the extreme. Please sign and circulate widely:
I posted on Discovery's Facebook page this comment: Just learned you are not planning to show the final episode of Frozen Planet. The episode deals with climate change and its effects on our arctic ecosystems. I urge you to show this important episode in America. Your omission of the final episode makes one wonder about Discovery Channel's alliances. It was taken down. However, I did share your article with my FB friends. Thanks for letting us know about this.
Thanks, Liz, for your note and update. Incredible that Discovery took down your note. I can't believe they'd censor your comment like that. I'm going to go post something similar and reference the fact that they censored your comments. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for taking action. Let's hope we're able to see that crucial seventh episode when the series finally airs.