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Opinions and observations from environmental experts, activists, and luminaries

And the CEOs of these corporations who have acted with ruthless, murderous negligence have served I imagine not one single day in jail.Financial accounting fraud is done because of the financial rewards. Scientific accounting fraud as to the safety of chemicals is done because of the reward. Yet to date we appear to have not developed the consciousness that murdering people with toxins should be subject to criminal prosecution, especially if individuals fail to act with due diligence in investigating and addressing the risks their products cause.

The Politicians, CEOs and those who have collaborated, have profited immensely from destabilising our planets climate by sabotaging the legislation, by suppressing vital scientific reports and falsifying the science to down play the impact. Will one day be recognized for having perpetrated global environmental crimes against humanity. Because if destabilising our planets climate is not a global environmental crime against humanity, what do our political and corporate leader think it is? Good for business?
Radical fundamentalist capitalist have convinced millions that big government is bad but you can trust big corporations no regulation required. Or at least they used to believe that lie until the wrecked the world economy? They are also wrecking our planet and face virtually no criminal prosecution for their conduct, yet.

One more point. How on earth is it NOT criminal to not educate or to not let your employees know what their working with and having us (the workers) and some management do their dirty work. I do not know what else to do. We have let officials know. MSHA and OSHA inspections were set up always. We tagged bad equipment when they would inspect and take it off after they left. As the only woman in the field I experienced much harassment especially when we voted the union in. So much more to tell by many workers. Nobody wants to ask us anything. Even DA's investigator only wanted to hear certain things. Slag is another material we screened iron out of and I have concerns with. Hopefully we (the workers) will get your help Erin.