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Adventures of an accidental gardener: living cleaner, greener, and closer to the ground
Good, fair article, but a slightly misleading headline—they're not really THAT hypocritical, are they? I often mack a Chipotle veggie burrito when I'm on my lunch break, and don't feel any crushing guilt about it. Although I guess I should say "hold the tomatoes"...
Family farms are extremely important to the food chain. They should not be messed with because they are the ones who will provide the type of food that we want to eat because they will only sell food that they would serve their own families.



Some people and companies feel the need to go overboard in their advertising against your identity because there is a lot of money involved.

Can't we just support companies that are trying to do it right? Why do we always, always have to criticize? Hurray for Chipoltle I say.
"Trying to do it 'right'" is your perspective. From my perspective - I don't see anything "right" making money from killing and serving animals; a concept along the lines of Jainism.
For starters, I only eat occasional fish, as it is difficult to truly assess an animal's treatment. That said, the gift of all life is precious; animals bred for food would never have experienced life, if not for the fact that they were bred for food. Our society way overdoes the carnivore thing, but, as its said, all things in moderation.... An animal treated humanely and slaughtered with compassion and reverence is an animal that has had the gift of life, for its death. I expect the reverence might be left for the diner, a moment of thought before the first bite, as the thought of mass-slaughter by those fully aware of the meaning of life during the act of slaughter...well, they would probably go bananas. Anyway, I look forward to the day when no animal suffers for profit, be they a baby lamb or an human bent over in the fields working for pennies, working for profiteers. Think that day will ever come?
That's your idiological belief, and you have every right to it, but until all people stop eating meat, how about supporting those who are making attempts to change the paradigm and do it right, instead of sticking with the lose-lose idea of my way or the highway?
It is unfortunate that you must find fault with a great company that is trying to always do what's best. No, I do not own any stock in Chipotle (wish I did). If you'd done more homework, you would know that Chipotle has been unfairly TARGETED by ICE in the past year. Their raids on Chipotle in the MN area put hundreds of people out of work. Any and every employer can legally only require 2-3 pieces of ID for the I-9 form which every employee must complete upon being hired. The employer CANNOT say "Gee we don't think you're legal" , or "Show us some other proof". That's illegal. Additionally, the Everify program run by the feds is notoriously wrong, incorrect and incomplete, so no employer really trusts it and many do not use Everify. What are they to do? They can only accept what they are given as ID. There might have been a few illegals, but certainly not the number who were let go or left of their own accord after the ICE raids. On another note, one must question why Chipotle has been targeted. Why not McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, etc...? Is it because they treat them well and pay their employees higher wages? Have an excellent management track for all employees? Is it because they really do try to buy, cook and serve good, fairly raised, as organic as possible food? This flies directly in the face of nearly every other fast food chain in the US. One might also ask the question regarding the very powerful pork lobby in this country. Is it possible they don't like what Chipotle is very, very publicly doing? The GDP of North Carolina is so closely tied to Smithfield one must wonder if this upstart company is a thorn in their side, not to mention taking market share. You should do better research and think about what Chipotle is REALLY trying to do and praise them for their efforts instead of composing flippant, inflammatory articles. Sourcing the best, cleanest, fairly raised and harvested food is somewhat difficult in this country. I only hope it is getting better with mavericks like Chipotle.
Touching ad, great song, and great performance by Willie; though it still completely dismisses the fact that the feeling, living, breathing, animals are unfortunately still undeservingly treated as a 'commodity'. The animals are fully trusting of the humans, who then turn around and betray the animals' trust and destroy the animals' lives before their time. No matter how it's spun or marketed, it's still killing and unfortunately is seen as "legal" because the animals have no voice. Funny how the pigs turn into "pink balls" and fall into a factory shoot rather than have the truth shown of the horrid gore behind it all. No matter how touching the ad(s), 'humane killing' is an oxymoron and I certainly will continue to not take part in the madness.
Its NOT a labor issue* Its an immigration issue. If workers get paid fairly and work in a stable work environment it is NOT a labor issue. Who cares anyways - Leave the poor Mexicans alone and more importantly out of this environmental discussion. If they are being paid fairly and all of that then its not an environmental issue AT ALL its a political issue.
As someone who advocates for the farms where Chipotle buys their pork, I can say first hand that at least their pork is antibiotic and hormone free. They pay our farmers a set price, usually well above market value. They attempt to serve local grown and healthy, but they struggle to find these products as family farms don't get the benefits that corporate farms do under our current dept of agriculture. Quantity is the issue, we need more small family farms. Also, this film was inspired by Russ Kremer, national advocate for family farms, antibiotic and hormone free. He also was in the documentary "FRESH" . If you havent seen it, it is worth your time. Chipotle is trying, I don't think it's fair to put them in with McDonald's, they are making change....
Typical NRDC walk the fence BS article. It completely misses the point, and is disingenious at best! The article should have been about NRDC's "claims to be a monitor of crimes against the earth," when in fact, just in Hawaii, they actually testified to the advantages of BlueEarth Biodiesel Companies Pump & Dump, non-sustainable attempt to screw Hawaii through Hawaiian Electric. Clean your own house first!!!