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Reporting and commentary from OnEarth editors and correspondents
Thanks so much for the great piece on Sutro Sam. Just saw him last week. He's pretty cute. Here are some photos:
Adorable, and glad to see the otters are moving back home. Hopefully people will be smart and not feed him. That will only lead to him wanting more and biting someone in the future, which would then mean he would be relocated. Enjoy Sutro Sam, as a wild creature...from a distance! I'd swear he was posing for that video taken by Mr. van der Kruijssen. Simply adorable...
What a great article/story. When something is so cute it is hard to view them as dangerous- I hope this article gets around. I also wonder about Sutro Sam, does he appear to be looking for family, or companionship? Thanks for the is informative and sweet.
Great reporting. I loved the historical perspective as well as the current story.