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Constructive thoughts on architecture, transportation, urban planning, and how we live
I live in a metro country west of Atlanta and I thoroughly researched the T-SPLOST before voting no. I first became uneasy about it when a local "good ole boy" grading/road building company had a big "UNTIE" sign in front of their home office. I was one of many people who believe the TSPLOST was just another case of Atl cronyism. Then a Ga legislator who helped write the referendum, and had been fully supportive of it, did a 180 when he saw the list of actual projects and was very vocal about no longer supporting it. But what really convinced me to vote no was when I found out just how many Georgia communities had been sitting on road improvement local SPLOST funds for 5, 10, even 15 years. Amazingly, in the county I live in, the week after the no vote, our local "neighbor" paper announced the county was doing a number of road improvement projects with funds it already had on hand. Actually Georgia air quality is far worse than the EPA data indicates. I've learned the "airnow" info here is a joke. Instead I check satellite imagery and wildfire/prescribed burn mapping for fires and smoke, and go to the air monitoring data site and see which monitoring sites have data "not available" (sometimes hours, sometimes days). Here in the SE millions of acres of land are prescribe burned ever year (the Ga Forestry Commission "Inside the GFC" Spring 2012 newsletter bragged about 2011 accomplishments: "An all time record breaking 1.7 million acres prescribe burned in Georgia."). Apparently "continuous 24 hour monitoring" loses its meaning in the push for timber and biomass/biofuel. Oops! I mean "forest restoration". And the American Lung Association says no one knows why asthma rates in children have been increasing.