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Here's someone who is actually worthy of the worship and recognition doled out to celebrities. It's refreshing to see an actor who is using his celebrity status for good. Beyond a call to action regarding the prevention of something like this from happening again, we need to be encouraging and investing in alternate energy sources. The effects of this spill and others like it are likely to remain etched on this earth longer than the oil being drilled will sustain us. That's the real tragedy in all of this; knowing that what they're doing is ultimately futile. Dangerous, harmful, and futile. Maybe Congress is the only way to legally safeguard people, but we have the power in all of this, if not as voters then as consumers.
Every person can change the world. With art, words, music, ambition, commitment, dedication. With hands, feet and eyes. With theories, practices, education, love. I have the ability to understand the gravity of large human mistakes in this world. I have the inspiration of so many people involved in all these projects, with major initiatives and positive results and a responsibility that must never be left to our leaders. But not only our leaders are there to make sure they work laws and the economy. They have a duty to solve the problems of all communities in all dimensions. Natural disasters, of course, no exception. But there is something very important: Everyone has duties and responsibilities to the environment. Every person, every family, every community must take a first step. Then the second step and third. A chain reaction. Ian Somerhalder has the power to attract mass and this man is a great person with great knowledge and love for eco systems, species and science. Read these words, it's very inspiring and makes me continue to fight for a more beautiful world for everyone. Because I respect all living things and it hurts with all my heart, the lives lost, damage to the ocean and is very sad to say, this is not over. But if something can be done to help, it's time. Consciousness and ACTION! Thanks a thousand times to Ian Somerhalder! These article is great, have the right words. I have a crazy passion for the environment since I was a little girl. And with my passion, has been born my thirst for fight to protect it. Soon I will have 30 years old and I want the generations that are behind me, be aware that the world is changing, in a powerful way, we must think and live in green. We must show the reality to everybody and deal with the battle against indifference. But of course, like some people, my optimism is gone, when Congress discusses everything that is far from a law that truly protects workers and the environment. The disaster of the Gulf, is archived in papers and discussions from omission. Conveniences, etc. It's time for that? It's time to work! And now! Analyze the behavior of governments around the world, leads me to understand that we are not doing enough. We all have a voice. We have to use it. And defend the only place where we live. A beautiful planet full of contrasts. We must distinguish between natural disasters and human disasters. We can change things, if it can make fewer mistakes, we can fight. And why not? We can win! We can save a big part of our present and future. This man is one of my favorite people in this world. I love you Ian. Thank you! From Venezuela.. and in New York City. Sometimes with the piano, sometimes with the voice, sometimes shouting and working for a better world. I love this article!
I am proud of you and all agree with you. Your word has a tremendous force. Thank You. P.S. If not we will think about our future, then who???
A thought provoking piece of writing, that has informed me even more on this disaster. So much is not projected through the media and not living in America means we in the UK are often ill informed of what is happening with this situation.Without pieces like this, so many of us would not be aware of the true impact this disaster has had and will have on so many people, animals and places. To long have so may of us stood back and ignored these events because its not on our back door step or 'ah well someone else will sort it out'. But its not until you see the impact that these events have on a nation and the world that you realise its each individuals responsibility to take action. Whether it be big or small we all have our part to play in helping our world survive. Only last week BP held there annual general meeting in London, to which a contingent of people effected by the Gulf of Mexico spill tried to attend. What did BP do to listen to these people who's lives have been effected (maybe forever)? Did they welcome them into the meeting to let them tell their stories on how they have been effected? No, instead they were banned from the conference centre and made to wait outside. A sad realisation on how these companies have such a grip on this world, and how things need to change before its to late.
Привет! Я покорена этим человеком! Мистер Сомерхалдер, один из немногих, кому действительно интересна судьба нашего мира! Я надеюсь, его работа и его стремления послужат примером для многих людей на этой земле! Прислушайтесь к его словам!
Translation: Hi! I'm charmed by this person. Mr. Somerhalder is one of those who is actually interested in the fate of our world! I hope his work and his desire will be an example to many people on this earth! Listen to his words!
thanks for translated my message!
You're welcome. I knew those seven or eight years I spent studying Russian would come in handy, one day.
The sad part is that people know what is wrong. That they know we must act to change something, but they do nothing. There are so many people say to me "I want to help!" but few of them are prepared to act also. Many people can not believe that one voice change the world. These people forget the most important. Many individual voices will be a big voice, and this big voice can change the world. The theory is simple: act with heart together for a better future. And I will not lose my faith, that the theory becomes reality!
We are living in a fast moving world. That is our problem. If there is a disaster everyboding is screaming .:Let`s change everything and nothing. Sometimes later there is anothter great problem and the first disaster will be forgotten. Many people are talking and talking, but they don´t have a real opinion.And your theory is good.We can change the world.
You're absolutely right. If a disaster happened somewhere all loud, and want a change. But after a few days, the disaster is forgotten. This is sad, because that will never change for the better in our world. But as long as there are still people like us who really want to change something, as long as I believe in it. We can change the world. We can make our future better. All together! This is what I believe.
We have a language to speak. Centuries later, everyone came to vote, but as though it means nothing to this day - we are indignant quietly, talking to himself about what nature should be protected. And thanks to those who understand how important it is to say out loud in a loud voice - keeps our planet. Thank you for such people, they encourage me to take even that small, which can each - to speak out. Because the information - the weapons of new generation!
Thank you Ian for making people aware of this kind of information, not relayed by classical media. The same thing is happening in Japan with the nuclear industry. Like the oil industry, there's only money which counts. Both are industries with a huge potential for destruction and the consequences on the environment are never taken into account.They are incapable to manage such disaster because they don't even consider it. Since 8 or 9 years that I'm involved for environment and health, it's the first time I see so many people becoming aware of our planet. Thanks to you and your celebrity, people all over the world begin to wake up. But now it's time to act, and everyone can act, not only giving money to ISF, but also in our lives, people have to involve themselves in a different way of life, because we are all responsibles for the future generations survival (or not).
It is known regrettably well that we are all managed by persons avid for silvers... Perfectly grasping! We can only get up and shout hardly by hoping for a gesture. And when it is finally made, is this not a «mirror in lark” just to silence us? The raising awareness makes from the youngest ages, and what we inculcate and show to our maintaining children is for the world of tomorrow...
Dear Ian, I think I know and understand what you are talking about. I am 27 years old now and only an year ago I’ve started seeing how this world goes around, how some think that we breathing creatures mean nothing and this is really sad … unfortunately we are all just some puppets handled very carefully by some “great” minds, but come one people even Pinocchio was a puppet and he got a voice. I live in an central-west European country, that literally has no respect for the human being or for the nature and all its components. I am working, for 6 years now, as an accountant and financial adviser for a company that explores and exploits oil and gas here in my country and trust me, I know what this business means, at least locally. I do no field work, but my colleagues that are on the wells site are really exposed, I heard and saw so many horrible thing over the years that I couldn’t agree more when you say that this has to stop. I am proud to say that I am fighting now all the bureaucracy to stat this project that I am working on since a while now. I planned only two campaigns for now, one is to stop people to throw garbage out of their cars on the street and the other one is to encourage people living in the city to plant a tree or a flower in their apartment house yard. It is a big effort for an even bigger cause… or I hope it to be. I promise to brag about it when it will be ready, until then… my best wishes!
Great article. It's so inspiring to see someone who could just as easily ignore what's happening in the world, really take a stand. It's really sad that we keep drilling and drilling for oil. We say we're "looking for alternative fuel" but are we really? I don't think so. At least not hard enough. I'm going to stop before I start babbling nonsense about the things that really irk me with how we handle crises in our country. Again, great article Ian. I look forward to more from you! Keep up the good work!
Ian, thank you for this article. Sometimes I wonder how "free" this country really is. We have "rights" for all sorts of things yet when it comes to the very health of our planet, the only place we have to live, it seems we have to pull teeth to get the bigwigs to listen to us. How on earth can a country like this, who runs to the aid of everyone on the planet when they have disasters, not implement SPECIFIC instructions, rules, funds and penalties to oil companies should they have a massive and deadly spill? How can BP be allowed to promote commercials pretending that all is well with them and the Gulf when clearly it is not? Last year the government spent $106.9 million on new weapons for military testing. Why can't we as the tax payers, demand that some of that money go towards healing our human, animals and environment, instead of finding new ways to destroy it?! It makes me so mad. We have alot of work to do, and with your passion to help this planet I pray we can be a huge part of the change this planet deperately needs.
A simple thank you.
In reply (if you succeded to translate this article) here is the greed of the man. Figures, and more figure!
Ian, hi! what you think about 2012? apocalypce?
a very well written and thought provoking article. It is amazing to see someone using their celebrity status for good & not personal gain. So many of us sit idoly by and watch as things crumble around us without ever realizing that we have the powe to make a change and to take action. The first line of the constitution reads "We the People", I feel that too many of us forget that "We the People" truly hold the power. We decide who gets elected, who gets into power. In the case of the BP Oil disaster, the contract was awarded by Dick Cheney and his cabinet. He & his people ignored the safety precautions which should have been taken to avoid the travesty in the Gulf. The media and the people of this nation wanted to blame BP and no one else, but the truth is. We can only blame our dependance on oil and the greed of the government in place at the time. Oil equals money and that money blinds decision making. As a nation it is our responsiblity to stand up and take action. To find cleaner and more relable sources of energy such as wind, water, the sun, even steam. Until the day when we take up these actions, we will see more and more disasters that will eventually lead to our downfall.
Again and again has to be reported about these disasters.Over and over again it must be pointed out the grief of people and animals.By our protest politician have to be arranged to think over laws and to meet preventive measures.Such disasters are able to pass on the whole world, which by the way our only one is. Let`s talk about this again and again, let us show our displeasure and anguish.Even if I m live in Germany, far away from America, I care about this country, because we are all ones.Ian is a good mediator .Well done
Wonder when the authorities will wake up and wonder when all people will realize the gravity of this. As Deepak Chopra suggests - we keep treating these disasters as Snooze Alarms. We wake up on each Snooze just to fall back in a deeper slumber to be woken up shortly by another Snooze. The toughest thing to do is to educate people/masses on the issue and then the other that comes in the list is to fight/voice your way to the bureaucracy and politics involved in each and every issue that is ripping away the GREEN. Night falls , and I am so tired. Maybe I will find a magic wand to solve one of this issue in my sleep. Keep spreading the good awareness Ian!
Three baby dolphins were drowned by the U.S Fish and Wildlife service while they were trawling two weeks ago. FWS did not follow the procedures which they mandate to the shrimping industry. These are the only dolphin kills since the spill. The oyster population is fine. Plentiful and tasty. I have been eating seafood gumbo, oyster po-boys and oysters on the half shell since October. The pelagic fishes are plentiful and the redfish and speckled trout are also. The industry drilled for 42 years without a major spill and this one occurred because BP did not follow the established procedures. The expertise, equipment and procedures are in place to drill safely in deep water. There are 4,000 structures in the Gulf Of Mexico which are not leaking any oil. I live 14 nmi. crow fly from the Gulf. I have a small boat and an airplane. I have flown the coast a number of times this year from Pensacola to Galveston and there is no evidence of an oil spill.
It is really awesome how can a disaster like this one...can move the heart of a person in order to begin a huge change. It is amazing how we humans need to be remainded that there is only one planet that we can call HOME that is our it is amazing what you are doing Ian it is really something else to admire you for...and I am pretty sure that your voice will be heard and spread for so many and through so many places in our planet...Congratulations...keep changing this world one day and action at a time...
It really is a height of irresponsibility to allow oil field development without providing appropriate actions and measures to assure safety for sea life and people involved in the process. In chasing earth's natural resources, people don't pay attention to possible damage until it's too late. That's why there are dead baby dolphins, people, birds, and other animals harmed by oil spills, and the growing number of species subject to extinction. I would like to thank you Ian that he really is the one who cares and is ready to make changes (and is making) not just speak about them. Lots of celebrities channel their financial aid to poor countries, orphaned children and environmental issues, and that's really great. And it's not about popularity. I'm glad to know that Ian is doing good because he just wants to make our world a better place.
"If a company drilling in the Gulf cannot afford to clean up a potential oil spill, they should not be drilling there at all." That's the point. How can a company grow without a clean up program? Jesus,that should be the mandatory requirement.Hope that now,with this action,the Congress open his eyes.
I completely agree with you!! All I can say is that you are my inspiration and you have inspired me to do many things for my community and woodland area. I think the world could do with a few more people like you!! All people care about nowadays is making money, but it never crosses their mind that in doing so, you may be signing thousands of animals death sentences!! This is an brilliant piece of writing and I think it should inspire more people across the world. I am eternally grateful to you. xx
Hi! This article very good, amazing, wonderful and many many more... i want to say that Ian is very clever man and his ability of compatibility actor work, model work and only man who help us to save our planet, strike me. and i want to say if u want i can help u. i have some ideas how i can do this. for example i can propagandize your ideas in very big country - Russia. Think about it please and write me your opinion to this mail nasbka10 --at-- wait your message. Bye!!
Here's the next disaster waiting to happen in South Africa: Large parts of South Africa's beautiful, but water-poor and ecologically sensitive Karoo region are under threat of being devastated by mining operations to extract natural gas using a controversial technique called hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking'. Target: The South African government, Royal Dutch Shell and other companies Sponsored by: Citizens against fracking in the Karoo MAKE A NOISE ABOUT THIS! It stinks that our earth is just being exploited to the detriment of Human kind... over the top, hell yeah i am!
You're absolutely right, I had a hard time reading the article because I speak Spanish, but I think we should all do something, many people forget what happens when left out in the news, but people who have the problem lives with him every day and it is unfair that the authorities do nothing to help ... how I wish I could be helpful to do something. Greetings from Chile.
You talk a good talk, but what are you "doing" about it? Using your voice is wonderful but one needs to lead by example. Show me your stuff. What are you really made of? Lets change the world together. Lets DO something. Your move.