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Hi Michael, while watching your interview with Judith Woodruff on PBS about the loss of the 19 firefighters in Arizona, I was thinking about the need of changing the firefighting activity to that of fighting in traditional battlegrounds by having helicopters ready to evacuate fighters in times of need. It means that firefighters should do their work near stationary helicopters and be ready to take off at all times.
I am developing a portable Spray-Hose Firefighting System that could protect neighborhoods from grassfires and low intensity wildfires. It can spray water from holes in the hose along the entire line of a fire. If a fire can be stopped in a grassy area, then it won't get into tree-tops. Embers may blow long distances, but they can be extinguished when they land. Different sections of the hose spray can be enabled or disabled so as to spray the water where it is most needed. The entire system can be remotely controlled so that firefighters can remain in a safe location. It is possible to deploy the hose from a helicopter. A one mile system should cost approx $200,000-$300,000. That cost could be shared among the many homes it could save. A major fire equipment company will build the system if there is customer interest. Please help me find a customer by giving the system some publicity.