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We here in Maine love Michael Pollan ... thanks for your good work.

Would it not be grand if the winners of this inspiring award were invited to meet our First Lady at a White House Harvest Celebration?

I like the way this article touched upon "decentralized food systems". The only way to turn the tide on the consolidation of wealth and power with the resulting corruption and save the planet at the same time is the concept of; Economic Re-Locatization. We should never allow a few huge entities in our food system to become too large to fail! I will refrain from naming the names of the corporate entities that are almost there!

One reason this food revolution has so much promise is the dedication and smart, hard work of local sustainable farmers, many of whom are featured in GOOD FOOD a new film about local sustainable farming in the Pacific Northwest.

So...MO gets some more slobbering over by the press (and MSM in general) on her so-called garden at the WH. How about some applause for the beef that is MO and BO and friends can have $100 a pound steak along with their cocktails.