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Unfortunately,I do not live in California.Guess I'm gonna pick up someone's adress just to help. This article makes me hopeful about the end of shark fins. It makes no sense at all,and needs to stop. Luck for you,Ian! We'll do it!
The 2011 global snapshot of shark populations has been very successful so far. The data has had an impact already but we need much more data for many countries, . Please help us improve the 2011 global snapshot of shark populations. Ask all divers you know to contribute. Katrinne wherever you are you can help. we need lots of advocates
Unfortunately,I am not a citizen of the US, let alone the state of California. Wish I could be of any help. I will retweet this though as much as I can to let all my friends know about this, maybe they would be able to help more than I can. Good luck you, Ian!
That's the stark realities of life - the number of sharks is decreasing rapidly, the sharks are attacked and killed by people every single day. Statistics says that from 3 million kinds of sharks people are familiar with, only 10 kinds are known to be men-eaters. These creatures are the part of marine food chain and play a very important role - they keep our oceans healthy and balanced. They help other fish populations to remain healthy by chasing and eating sick and old ones. Sharks are some sort of guardians that maintain the right quantity of marine species and not allowing them to harm the ecosystem. Killing sharks people can easily shatter and destroy the whole marine eco structure. I absolutely agree with you, Ian, that the only way to stop people from killing sharks is to pass a law globally that would forbid to kill and fin sharks, as well as store and trade them for money. I'm totally convinced that voices against shark killing will be heard in the same way as people were heard protecting Tony the Tiger! :))
Dear Ian I follow closely what help you give all the animals. Unfortunately, I do not live in California so I can not help too much, but remember that we all are with you in this good cause. Greetings straight from the Polish. Good luck
It breaks my heart to hear about this. Sharks are and have always been my favorite animal and to know this horrible practice is still going on and getting worse sickens me. These are beautiful, intelligent creatures and they deserve to be treated with respect. Although I don't live in California, I will pass along this information and do whatever else I can to get the word out. Shark finning NEEDS to stop before it's too late for the sharks and the rest of the ocean life.
I'm not currently living in the U.S. and I have no age at which someone listen to me but I will argue before the children like me.Animals do not deserve that,even they are dangeros,nothing in this world is more dangeros to the human species.I have 15 years old and all I can do is to give your's message to all the people I knew. I try to help the environment as I can! From my part,Romania is with you.Or just we,the little humans!
This is just disgusting. We are better than this & this legislation is a no-brainer. Thanks for the awareness.
I never imagine this situacion and it´s really sad. Ian I admire you and I think it´s a great labor what you do as I Asked you before, I am in México and I´d love to get involved not only with donations to the foundation. How can I help you here?? Please I know you are really busy but If You answer me would be great. Love Ann
Just wanted to thank you for making it so easy to send the letter in.. takes literally less than 2 minutes to make a difference... Thank you for all your efforts... keep us posted on the outcome!
This really saddens me. I just can't get over how selfish people are. It would be one thing if they utilized the entire shark, but its horrific that they throw them back in the water to die. It makes me sick! I've never had shark fin soup, but if it's every offered to me, I'll definitely be saying no! Thanks for the great article and keeping us informed! ~M
its God's will just let it happen... animals die so what
This is an important matter, since all have the right to life Thanks, Ian
Hi, Ian. Shark finning has been a real hot topic when we talk about animal extinction all this while, but sad thing is people still don't see where the problem is. I'm glad that you made an article to raise awareness to us all, and I hope more people out there would listen to this issue. I'm sorry can't really help much as I'm not a US citizen. but I believe one simple act can be done by us all from other countries/places: we could all decrease the shark finning activities if we refused to eat shark fins. I'm not sure how many people out there included 'Shark Fin Soup'(or any shark fins delicacy) into their menu, but I'm sure if we refuse to eat that, the demands for will definitely decrease, by lot. If demand is less, the supply has to be cut down, and so does the rate of shark finning. Basically it's a chain process from my point of view. :P Let's ban shark finning, even by simple act! Cheers & good luck. p/s: May I share this piece of article with my friends via my blog? Thanks.
Anyone who has time to spare and want s to help protect sharks contact us The 2011 global snapshot of shark populations has been very successful so far. The data has had an impact already but we need much more data for many countries, . Please help us improve the 2011 global snapshot of shark populations. Ask all divers you know to contribute.
I think, that is really absurd that in 2011 still exists people that to collect rests of animals... what eat pieces of this besides without any food motive!!!! That sucks!
omg, this is terrible..
Shark finning is a pointless and barbaric industry. As you said; only "5%" of the shark is used. Sharks and beautiful predators and have their own place in the marine ecosystem. By removing one of the top predators of the ocean; the fisherman are disturbing and destroying various eco systems. Everything lives in sync with each other. A marine eco system is like jenga - you take one item out and the whole thing can collapse. Shark fin soup is reported to be tasteless which means that most restaurants have to add salt to flavour the dish. Unfortunately shark fin soup can retail for a fairly high price but it this really worth the suffering of the sharks? Alongside this; shark finning is one of the major causes of shark species decline such as the tiger shark.
Dear Ian, Shark always is a hot topic. I am not living in California so I only can do is, don't buy their "product" (/ . \) less demand, less supply.
Im not realy sure why people would do this it makes no since to me, arnt we trying to save this world from our own distructive actions, we have to make a change or we wont have these things in our chirldrens future and thats what we are doing trying to make a future for them , That is better then what we have now. Killing sharks is sinceless hunting and killing any animal for sport is wrong, It,s understandable that you have to fish to feed your familey if thats is what you have to do but all this over fishing is unexceptable killing our oceans most precious commodity. All the drilling is killing them we are killing them if it does not stop there wont be any left.So please stop this we are killing the earth that we all have to live on once it is gone so are we.
ian if you read this please let me know what you think im sure you will feel the same thank you stacy
What a great point u got here. Those movies does make me ignoring about sharks. However, I do not live in California. Never try and not even think to try shark fin soup. I believe that what we eat will be reflected through our behavior. People are different, it is just that I do not consume these kind of 'exotic' food. It is not that I'm judging anyone, just hoping that people will realize that our ecosystem need to be balanced. There are reasons of each creature to exist our world. Thinking doesn't hurt you. =)