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Dear Mr Redford; While working with you on "The Company You Keep", As A Teamster, I didn't want to bother you, as you were super busy. I was dealing with Bill H. and had hoped we could open a dialogue that way, but as luck would have it, I will use this medium for contact. As a concerned enviornmentalist I would like to make known to you, my good friend and associate, Johm Meier. I first met John, in 1992, while we were seeking to have websites constructed, we had simular feelings about many topics, so a real friendship developed between us. He, You and I seem to have many common interests. You can read of his, on his website: I, as representing John feel that much common good would be achieved with an open dialogue between us. Please convey your thoughts towards this, by contacting me at: Hopefully, together, we can "Break a Leg" for the enviornment. Yours truly Mal Johnson.
i am sorry for all canadians, mr redford, that you are mistaken about the oil that is every bit as "clean" as you gather from much more dangerous sources...i am also sorry that we as canadians ever watched you act...