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Susan Moran

Susan Moran lives in Boulder, Colo., where she is a freelance writer and has been a journalism instructor at the University of Colorado's School of Journalism and Mass Communication for several years. She was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT for the 2009-10 academic year. Her work has been published in The Economist, The New York Times, Newsweek, Marie Claire and other publications.  You can also follow Susan's personal Antarctica blog at

Stories by Susan Moran
December 24, 2010
A  jellyfish-like salp caught by Dr. Joe Warren's team off the Western Antarctic Peninsula. Salps seem to be moving in to the warming waters, while minute, shrimp-like krill are on the decline.Dec. 20, 2010 -- They’re... read more >
December 22, 2010
Our two Zodiac inflatable boats had cruised to a spot in the Southern Ocean, not far from the Palmer Station research facility on Anvers Island.  From one, dubbed Apollo 25 for the day,  a team of researchers from Rutgers... read more >
December 20, 2010
The air temperature on this mid-December morning was 31 degrees Fahrenheit, but felt more like 40. Winds were blowing lightly at about 10 miles per hour. In other words, it seemed like a perfect day for launching RU25, a... read more >
December 14, 2010
An Adelie penguin couple, crooning.Our two Zodiacs glided up to tiny Shortcut Island.  Disembarking, we walked up the island's craggy mixture of snow cover, exposed patches of ground moss, and rocks dusted with neon-orange... read more >
December 10, 2010
It’s easy to fixate on the charismatic predators on Antarctica’s western peninsula. You can watch a leopard seal napping on a bergy bit (a piece of floating ice that’s at least large enough for such a creature to lounge on)... read more >
December 9, 2010
It felt like I was being let in on a top-secret mission at the bottom of the world. Like I’d finally become an insider, after feeling like an imposter for four days since arriving at Palmer Research Station to learn about... read more >
December 6, 2010
At Friday morning breakfast, a restless mood pervaded the Palmer Station galley.  With the ocean expected to be calm until afternoon, several different research teams were talking over how many Zodiacs would be dispatched (... read more >
December 2, 2010
I was dreading the tumultuous four-day voyage across the Drake Passage. But on Monday, the R/V LM Gould delivered us safely to Anvers Island on the western Antarctic Peninsula. Though at times the ship's teeter-totter... read more >
November 28, 2010
Here in Punta Arenas, a port city at the southern edge of Chile, I’m waiting to board the R/V Laurence M. Gould and start the four-day voyage to Palmer Research Station on the Western Antarctic Peninsula, across the... read more >