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Osha Gray Davidson

Osha Gray Davidson covers energy and the environment for OnEarth. A freelance writer, Davidson's work has appeared in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Salon, Grist, Mother Jones, and many other publications. He has written five nonfiction books, including The Enchanted Braid, a natural history of coral reefs, which was a finalist for the U.K. Natural World Book Award. His blog on solar power, The Phoenix Sun, is widely syndicated.

Stories by Osha Gray Davidson
August 4, 2014
From Captain Cook to climate change, a new book tells the tale of how humans discovered the Great Barrier Reef—and then promptly set about destroying it.
October 25, 2010
After months of uncertainty, California will be the site of the world’s largest solar power plant, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced today as he gave final approval for the 1 gigawatt Blythe Solar Power Project... read more >
October 8, 2010
For BlackRock investment, it must have felt like a double whammy.The giant money management firm watched as its $14.5 billion investment in BP was cut in half in the weeks following the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.... read more >
October 5, 2010
The Obama administration has announced plans to install solar panels on the White House. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and Council of Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley made the announcement this morning during a... read more >
September 16, 2010
Because she's best known for her melodic, tuneful songs, songwriter Gale Mead knows that her new music video might upset her fans. In fact, she's counting on it."I wanted the video to be as shocking as possible," she says,... read more >
September 11, 2010
A still-smoldering fire that raged out of control for two days at an oil storage facility on the Caribbean island of Bonaire has left residents shaken and wondering how island wildlife, which drives tourism, will fare in the... read more >
August 9, 2010
In announcing his new appointments to the U.S. Manufacturing Council on Thursday, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke singled out his pick as the council's new leader, Bruce Sohn."With Bruce as chair," said Locke,... read more >
June 21, 2010
 In 2002, ocean explorer Gale Mead was the first person to see and film the profusion of life 200 feet down on Salt Dome Seamount -- just 16 miles from where the BP oil well is now gushing out of control. Mead (daughter of... read more >
May 19, 2010
Photo credit: The Institute for Marine Remote Sensing (IMaRS at USF). WHERE'S THE OIL NOW? A month after the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform explosion, a heavy blanket of crude oil has hit the Louisiana wetlands, and the... read more >
May 5, 2010
Even before the BP oil spill, sea turtles were dying in the Gulf of Mexico in numbers that some term "appalingly high" because of another human activity: shrimp trawling.The Associated Press reported today that the... read more >
May 4, 2010
The Kemp's ridley sea turtle rebounded from near extinction during the 20th century, but now it faces years of new hazards in oil-soaked waters and damaged coastal habitat.
April 30, 2010
(Photo by First Wind) When Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar approved the 130-turbine Cape Wind project this week, supporters cheered. Opponents, who say the 400-foot-high structures are an eyesore, booed the decision... read more >
March 31, 2010
(Red-winged blackbirds, Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, KS. Photo by Jerry Segraves)With spring migration in full flight, the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) reports an uptick in the number of people contacting them with... read more >
March 30, 2010
The Department of Energy (DOE) announced today that for the first time it had ordered a company to stop distibuting products that failed to meet federal minimum conservation standards."This action is designed to send a... read more >