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Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo is an actor and director who resides, with his family, in Callicoon, New York.
Stories by Mark Ruffalo
June 8, 2011
As a New Yorker who moved to the quiet countryside upstate a few years ago with my wife and three young children, I’ve been worried about fracking ever since I learned the word and heard this dangerous technology could be... read more >
August 3, 2010
 A few weeks ago, I drove about an hour from my home in Upstate New York to Dimock, Pennsylvania. Dimock is a tiny town in the midst of green fields and sloping ridgelines--the kind of bucolic countryside that drew me... read more >
July 22, 2010
I live in a quiet corner of New York State. My wife and I chose to raise our children here because we want our children to grow up in its peaceful, pastoral landscape. But the calm that drew us here is about to be shattered... read more >