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John Humphreys
I am a biochemist working in pharmaceutical software. I have been mad about natural history since the age of 5 and am an ardent conservationist and pragmatic environmentalist.
Stories by John Humphreys
March 14, 2011
I recently read  "The Evolution and Future of Earth’s Nitrogen Cycle" in Science. Just as we have "broken into" the carbon cycle and revved it up by digging up and burning millions of tons of coal, gas and oil that had been... read more >
August 26, 2010
Regular readers will have detected a passion in my writings for the underdog. Whether it be the imminent extinction of vultures, or the heroic few who battle to protect the least lovable creatures of all, crocodiles and... read more >
May 18, 2010
We are all outraged at the unholy mess that the sunken rig is causing in the Gulf. Soooooo....Maybe I should be boycotting BP? (even though I was born in Britain). Yes, that’s it….wait a minute, though….my next closest gas... read more >
March 14, 2010
On paper at least, or on pixel perhaps I should say, there is solid support across every Christian denomination for environmental protection – whatever else they might disagree on (a good resource for this is www.... read more >
February 6, 2010
Well, that Arctic oscillation is certainly making Europe and North America shiver. The coldest January in Britain for 23 years. The most snow Washington DC has seen for ninety years (yes, the media really did call it... read more >
January 29, 2010
  ‘People always accuse environmentalists of being pessimistic and doom-and-gloom,' John Cecil of the National Audubon Society said to me recently. ‘But we are optimistic. We think we can do something...that's what keeps us... read more >
January 11, 2010
  I wrote recently about how captive breeding is sometimes the only thing that will save animals from extinction (‘Last chance to see'). This is the case in the huge crisis - as catastrophic as Rachel Carson's "Silent... read more >
December 19, 2009
  "Last chance to see"  is the title of a wonderful BBC TV program seeking out truly endangered animal species. It pairs the very witty comedian Stephen Fry with the zoologist, writer and photographer Mark... read more >
December 15, 2009
 OK, the minute I read about the ‘poor nations walking out' at Copenhagen's Climate Change conference...I started banging my forehead on the table. This ‘group of 77' is not just the Pacific Islanders  - it includes... read more >
December 6, 2009
There is a lot of cynicism amongst environmentalists about carbon offsets. If they are for industry, then the cap-and-trade wrangling and backroom deals have often put them off the whole idea. If the carbon offset is for an... read more >
December 4, 2009
  Well...the truth is out. Hackers on the Side of Righteousness exposed the malfeasance and double-dealing of so-called climate change scientists. They were faking the data all along! that is how some are framing... read more >
November 14, 2009
If you have any fondness for birds and have any room at all for a birdfeeder, then Project FeederWatch ( ) is a MUST. This year's count just started!Basically, at a nominal cost, we ‘... read more >
November 7, 2009
  I drink a lot of wine.Well, hopefully not too much, but you know what I mean. Wine is one of my three food groups (cheese and bread are the others). I drink all three colors, and am not prejudiced as to country  - although... read more >
October 23, 2009
  In the last blog, "'Tis a wild, wild, wild garden we need to create", I started with my theme of tackling wildlife gardening from the ground up. Or rather, the lawn.....and how we got the balance between grass... read more >