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Jessica Camille Aguirre
Jessica Camille Aguirre is a Master of Arts candidate in the science journalism program at Columbia University. She has reported for NPR, Yes! Magazine and the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript.
Stories by Jessica Camille Aguirre
June 5, 2013
As the summer sun bears down (and climate change heats up), communities of color disproportionately feel the impact. Could tree canopies help transform the concrete jungle into an urban oasis?
May 8, 2013
After 26 years fighting climate deniers and anti-evolution forces, Eugenie Scott (featured in our Spring 2013 issue) is turning the battle over to others.
May 3, 2013
Facebook users are hopping mad over Mark Zuckerberg's support for Arctic drilling and the tar sands pipeline. And guess where they're going to vent?
April 19, 2013
A new advocacy group is fighting to preserve antibiotics for human use, instead of wasting the drugs on healthy livestock.
April 12, 2013
It's always been a lot more fun than dysentery, but brewing beer has become a fine art. And the craft relies on clean water.
April 3, 2013
Yes, your rash is going to get worse because of climate change. Pass the calamine...