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Jeff Turrentine
Jeff Turrentine is OnEarth's articles editor. A former editor at Architectural Digest, he is also a frequent contributor to Slate, The Washington Post, The New York Times Book Review, and other publications.
Stories by Jeff Turrentine
May 14, 2014
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
April 7, 2014
Can an IPCC report or a star-studded Showtime mini-series change the way people talk and think about climate change? Katharine Hayhoe urges her fellow climate scientists to ramp up their messaging game.
February 18, 2014
As high-speed rail stalls in California, could the Lone Star State be poised to put the country’s first bullet train on track?
February 6, 2014
The worst thing about Sunday’s huge #NJTransitFAIL after the Super Bowl? It erodes confidence in public transit to get the job done.
December 20, 2013
The cultural and environmental benefits of living in a walkable city.
December 10, 2013
David Lewis’s after-school job is saving the Chesapeake Bay, one baby oyster at a time.
October 28, 2013
What’s a neighborhood to do when public green space is the only thing harder to come by than affordable housing?
July 30, 2013
An Italian architect wants to bring nature to urbanites by putting maples and oaks on their high-rise balconies. Is it the future, or mere folly?
June 6, 2013
“Cheap” street parking isn’t really cheap. And “free” street parking is not free. Why don’t more cities treat that super-sweet parking space that just opened up as the valuable commodity it really is?
May 22, 2013
The City of Angels has gone by a few other names: city of water theft, city of gridlock, city of sprawl. But the place where people have always gone to re-make themselves may finally be re-making itself.
May 15, 2013
They’re all the rage among cities hoping to become the next Portlandia. But do streetcars lead to cool, dense, economically vibrant urban cores—or is it the other way around?
March 1, 2013
Memo to suburbanites: Don't believe the "Agenda 21" conspiracy theorists. Nobody's coming for your private property.
February 22, 2013
President Obama’s ideas for repairing our crumbling infrastructure should appeal to all Americans -- even those who didn’t stand up for him at the State of the Union.
February 21, 2013
A scientist monitors the inextricable connections between the planet's fragile health and our own