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Barry Yeoman

Barry Yeoman is a freelance journalist based in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to OnEarth, his work has appeared in Discover; O, The Oprah Magazine; AARP The Magazine; and Audubon. His web site is

Stories by Barry Yeoman
December 6, 2010
According to GPS, they're shrimping on dry land. But in South Louisiana's disappearing marshes, a French-speaking Indian tribe is watching its home literally sink beneath the water.
December 1, 2010
Gulf Coast residents are suffering the deep emotional distress that comes with a protracted crisis that has no clear end, and some communities have no safety net.
November 8, 2010
During a long night on the bayou, husband-and-wife shrimpers wonder whether their livelihood can continue as shrinking wetlands reduce their catch and make the region more vulnerable to hurricanes and oil spills.
November 4, 2010
Researchers taking samples of the ocean floor near the Deepwater Horizon well site find a thick layer of oily goo that could affect the Gulf ecosystem.
October 29, 2010
It’s something those outside of the state might struggle to understand: How can you be outraged by the BP spill but want to keep drilling for oil? Without clean-energy investments, what's the alternative?
October 29, 2010
The Louisiana musician who gained fame with "BP Blues" sings a follow-up about oil spill clean-up workers who face health problems.
October 28, 2010
They've suffered through Katrina, the Gulf spill, and what some see as systemic racism (or at the very least, economic inequality). Now this tight-knit community is worried for its future.
October 22, 2010
Even before the BP disaster, Louisiana was in trouble due to rising sea levels, lost marshes, and the manacled Mississippi. Our new series explores the environmental, economic, and cultural crisis on the Gulf Coast.
October 22, 2010
Dale Morris, senior economist with the Dutch embassy in Washington, D.C., discusses the Netherlands’ approach to living with water.
August 26, 2010
Gushing pipes, surface slicks, and oiled pelicans -- the visible impact of the BP spill was all too apparent. But the invisible toll on people may be every bit as pernicious.
May 28, 2009
A melting Arctic and sea-level rise pose new threats to global security. Defense expert Sherri Goodman looks ahead to the conflicts of the future.
August 28, 2008
In the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, cargo ships sail inland, the soil burns, and rivers run backward. Surreal it may be, but the delta is a cornerstone of the California economy -- and now it's at the brink of collapse.