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Toronto Trashes Its Litterbugs
Morning, sunshine! Open your eyes and update your brain with these #greenreads.

Toronto has a new anti-littering campaign that tells it like it is. The ads portray juxtaposed pieces of trash that spell out not-so-nice words above the tagline: “Littering says a lot about you.” (You can see more below or view the whole set here.) According to Livegreen Toronto, the city’s environmental initiative, litterbugs are “lazy, selfish, low-life pigs,” but don’t worry, reform is easy! Just throw your trash in a trashcan. Voila. You’re cured!

Other things to know this morning:

You’ve likely heard that BurgerKing plans to merge with Canadian doughnut chain Tim Horton’s. What you may not realize is that this agreement would form one of the world’s biggest consumers of palm oil. Plantations of this wildly unsustainable ingredient—found in everything from croissandwhiches to cosmetics—have led to rampant deforestation worldwide (see “Africa’s Vanishing Forests").

The World Health Organization has released its annual report on global air pollution, along with a tally of the world’s ten most polluted countries. Pakistan, where outdoor air causes more than 80,000 hospital admissions a year, tops the list.

California may soon start re-issuing oil and gas leases for federal lands, thanks to a Bureau of Land Management study that says fracking poses little threat to the state’s air and water. Umm...

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