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Weekend Reads: New Jersey Gone Wild, California’s Bivalve Battle, Louisiana’s Disappearing Act
Four #greenreads to cry into as you say goodbye to summer.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Baboons and tigers don’t usually spring to mind when you think of New Jersey, but for a brief period in the 70s, Warner Brothers operated an ill-fated (and ill-conceived) animal theme park there. The park’s problems were myriad, but the fact that one visitor lost an ear to a lion gives you an idea of just how poorly the place was managed. More recently, Jen Miller returned to the ruins of “Jungle Habitat” to see how a local biking organization is helping turn this past business disaster into a community asset. The Magazine

What’s Killing the Bay Area’s Oysters?
Jacoba Charles
takes us back to a morning in 2007, when the managers of one of San Francisco’s largest oyster hatcheries discovered that billions and billions of their larvae had died. Oyster survival rates dropped to just 25 percent that year. The killer? Ocean acidification. Oyster farmers everywhere are fighting on the front lines of climate change—a battle most scientists agree they’ll lose. San Francisco Magazine

Losing Ground
In the time it takes you to peruse these greenreads, Louisiana will lose a football field’s worth of coast to the sea. In the last 80 years, the Gulf of Mexico has swallowed more than 2,000 square miles of the state’s coastal land, thanks to climate change, oil and gas drilling, and levees on the Mississippi River. Check out this multimedia project where you can zero in on a Gulf town—say, Delacroix—to watch the map’s green sections turn blue. ProPublica

Loyalty Nearly Killed My Beehive
For John Knight, urban beekeeping was a hobby that rapidly escalated into obsession. The author’s incessant tinkering nearly doomed the hive, but his colony’s struggles echo many of the problems bees are facing across the United States—mites, pesticides, colony collapse disorder. In today’s world, it ain’t easy being a honeybee. Nautilus

Tired of Reading Yet? Watch This.

Wet celebs: These five celebrity ice bucket challenges for ALS are easy on the eyes—and even easier on the water. First up, Matt Damon. OnEarth

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