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Marco Rubio's Non-Denial Denial of his Denialism, Wolves in ♥, Going...Going...Gone Bananas
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Geopolitics, redefined: A new government-commissioned report by a military think tank confirms that climate change is also changing the climate of international conflict and social strife. Noting how things like rising sea level and protracted drought are fomenting civil unrest and even outright warfare, John Kerry observes that in some regions “tribes are killing each other over water” and that “the intelligence community takes it seriously.” New York Times

Coal truths: An explosion at a Turkish coal mine has killed at least 200 miners, according to Turkish energy officials. An electrical fault is the likely cause of the blast, although most of the fatalities are being attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Workers continue to search for several hundred other miners who remain trapped underground. Meanwhile in the United States, two miners in West Virginia died Monday after a roof collapsed at a mine that had recently been cited for numerous violations by the Mine Safety and Health Administration. BBC, Charleston Gazette

Not such a lone wolf after all: OR7, the gray wolf who captured the media’s attention (and our hearts!) when he trekked thousands of miles to find a mate back in 2011, may actually be a daddy. If the rumors are true, that would make him and his partner “the first known wolves to breed in the Oregon Cascades since the early 20th century.” Los Angeles Times

Yes, we’ll have no bananas: Sorry, Bluth family: there may no longer be any money in the banana stand. A fast-moving and deadly (to bananas) fungus that has already made its way across Asia and Australia has now hit Africa, and is threatening to devastate this crucially important crop. The key to stopping the fungus, according to scientists? Planting a variety of banana breeds on plantations instead of relying on monocultures. Popular Science

Walking it back: Marco Rubio wants you to know that when he went on national television on Sunday and said that he didn’t believe in man-made climate change, he didn’t really mean it. Or maybe he did. It’s really not clear. That’s a tough rhetorical tightrope you’re trying to walk there, Marco. Talking Points Memo

Polarizing figures: Now that we’ve got irrefutable physical evidence of the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, you’re sure to encounter at your next cocktail party some loudmouth quasi-denier who’s ready to explain why it’s not such a big deal. Here are five ways to shut him up, fast. Live Science

Bee list: A lawsuit filed by a pollinator conservation organization and the Natural Resources Defense Council (which publishes OnEarth) against the Interior department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is demanding that bumblebees be officially listed as an endangered species, given the rate at which their populations are dwindling due to disease, habitat destruction, and pesticides. Reuters


Legolandscaping: In England, cradle of eccentricity, they like to show their respect for nature by building wildlife habitat out of tiny plastic bricks. Guardian


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