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Some Ants Make Bad Moms, EPA Seeks Fracking Recipes, Flies—Now Even Grosser!
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Call the swat team: How do antibiotic-resistant bacteria find their way from overly medicated livestock at a factory farm to infecting humans? Well, the superbugs can travel via food or farmer or agriculture runoff or maybe ... houseflies. Vox

Secret sauces: The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday that it will be taking preliminary steps under the Toxic Substances Control Act to find out what fracking companies are injecting into the ground—and possibly, into our water supplies. Bloomberg, Huffington Post

Tag team: In the Nordhaus family, brother Bill is the economist and academic theorist while brother Bob is the legal mind and political pragmatist. The predilections of two siblings might not usually interest you, but these two bros from New Mexico have been putting their heads together for almost 40 years to try to figure out the best way to fight climate change. (And people are listening.) New York Times

Atlantis: When Folsom Dam created California's ninth biggest reservoir in 1955, its floodwaters swallowed the historic gold-mining town of Mormon Island. But now as a mega-drought sucks the state dry, the town rises again! High Country News

Drinking kills: About half of China's lakes and rivers are polluted so badly that the water is "unsafe for human consumption or contact." But at least the Chinese government has finally acknowledged the existence of 450 "cancer villages" thought to be caused by the pollution (!). In related news, a recent study has found high concentrations of antibiotics (68 different kinds in all) and other medicines in China's surface water. The Orlando Star, The Shanghaiist

Like a bat outta hell: What happens when a Russian biologist tells Vladimir Putin not to destroy bat caves while constructing illegal palaces? He has to flee the country, of course (see "Bad Dad to Mother Russia"). NewScientist


Your mama's so weird, she ... : My mom is strange. I bet yours is, too. But things could be worse. She could be a quasi-cannabilistic ant. LiveScience


Obama Administration Limits on Soot Pollution Upheld by Appeals Court, Los Angeles Times

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