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Shark Fin Soup Not Yet 86-ed, Climate Refugee Refused, the Other Jersey Devils
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The pipeline you don’t know: The Obama administration recently approved a 1,900-mile pipeline you’ve probably never heard of. Called the Cochin Reversal Project, this pipeline will carry ultra-light oil (a product of fracking operations in Texas) from the Lone Star State all the way to Alberta where it will be mixed with sludgy tar sands oil to assist with the latter’s transport. As one journalist sums up the project with ample ire, “Yes, fracking and tar sands, together at last.” Grist

Beetles gone wild: Cold winters usually prevent southern pine beetles from spreading north of Delaware. But climate change has rolled out the red carpet for these pests, allowing the voratious bugs to take hold throughout New Jersey, decimating tens of thousands of acres of the Pine Barrens. "This is a big deal," says one of the nation’s leading beetle experts, "and it’s going to forever change the way forests have to be managed in New Jersey." Entomologists now worry the scourge could be on its way through Long Island and on up to Cape Cod.“ New York Times

India behaving badly: China catches a lot of flak for its role in global pollution and climate change, but let's not forget about the other problem child on the block. India just leapfrogged Russia to become the third-largest greenhouse gas polluter. What’s worse, from the Montreal Protocol to the Warsaw climate talks, India has recently done everything in its power to thwart treaties and legislation designed to fight climate change. Slate

Bon voyage: Remember the guy trying to become the world’s first official climate change refugee? Unfortunately for him and his family, the New Zealand government has ruled against his claim, which means they will be deported back to the sinking island nation of Kiribati. The judge said he couldn’t bend the rules to let the man stay because that would mean “millions more people worldwide suffering from natural disasters or warfare would be eligible to become refugees.” Yeah, judge, that’s kind of the point. Associated Press

Hold the fin: The Washington Post reported last month that shark fin soup consumption in China was down as much as 70 percent, spelling victory for global conservation. One marine biologist disagrees, however, saying the devil is in the data used to come to that, perhaps overly optimistic, conclusion. Scientific American


Walk the dog: You don’t have to be a climatologist to understand the difference between climate and weather. In this fun, little cartoon, the difference is just like a man walking his dog. I know, that doesn’t seem to make a lick of sense, but just watch. Climate Central


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