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INFOGRAPHIC: Grand Slam in Seattle

The Seattle Mariners may lead the major leagues in the campaign to green professional sports

If environmentalists want to touch the hearts and minds of Americans, actor-director (and NRDC trustee) Robert Redford once suggested, they should tap into their passions. Nothing arouses greater passion than sports: 62 percent of Americans describe themselves as fans, supporting a $400 billion industry. While all major league sports have now joined the effort to green stadiums and arenas, baseball is the undisputed leader, with teams such as the Seattle Mariners setting the pace.

In 2012, the Mariners won the title of American League Recycling Champions. And recycling is not all they do. A series of retrofits and policy changes at Seattle’s Safeco Field now save the Mariners about $400,000 a year in energy costs while keeping more than 1,000 tons of waste out of landfills annually. The Mariners’ winning record of environmental stewardship demonstrates that major league sports can get millions of fans cheering about something more than home runs.

Click "More Photos" (above right) for an interactive version of the infographic from our Summer 2013 issue.