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Turns out that ‘literally lying’ about climate change can backfire for even the most business-friendly of lobbying groups.
A traditional Mediterranean delicacy kills hundreds of thousands of songbirds each autumn. A new documentary goes on the hunt for the bird trappers.
Should we prosecute climate change protesters who break the law?
Divesting from fossil fuels isn't just classy—it also sends a strong message about fighting climate change. Here’s how to do it.
The Obama administration is making the financial case for combating global warming. Here’s a primer.
What's that collection of numbers and letters all about? Get to know the next big, bad pesticide in conventional agriculture.
The president’s executive order is meant to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. So why doesn’t it tackle one of the main culprits: factory farms?
The former New York City mayor, now a U.N. special envoy, talks about the vital role our cities play in the climate fight with one of the nation's foremost environmental journalists.
Have California blue whales recovered from last century's whaling spree? Perhaps, a new study suggests. But that's just one population in the big blue sea.
Rhea Suh becomes only the third president in the organization's 44-year history.
What do you do when a bear sh*ts in the woods? Grab your camera.
When it comes to designing wildlife corridors, our most brilliant analytical minds are still no match for Mother Nature. But we're getting there.
The Endangered Species Act now protects 22 species of coral. Here are the four freakiest.