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INVASIVES WEEK: We took the mosquito fish to the river and dropped them in the water. Now, these little fish are making a big mess of freshwater ecosystems.
INVASIVES WEEK: Ravenous and hardy, green crabs are eating up Maine’s softshell clams. How did a crustacean no wider than a credit card get an entire state fishery in its pincers?
INVASIVES WEEK: Not the lobster! Alien green crabs are gobbling up Maine’s seafood industry.
Those aren’t tree zits. They’re an epidemic of tiny tree-sapping insects spread by climate change.
INVASIVES WEEK: We’ll never be able to eradicate our most damaging invasive species. But by invading them right back, we might be able to fight them to a draw.
Craft brewers unite to save beer's most important ingredient: water.
New research shows the oceans are warming faster than we thought. Surf and turf alike will feel the heat.
Agriculture runoff is choking Lake Erie. Are lawmakers finally ready to tell farmers to knock it off?
The United Nations created the Green Climate Fund to help developing countries get off fossil fuels. But it’s five years on, and the money still isn’t flowing—which means the oil still is.
Without KXL, tar sands are a bad investment. By fighting the pipeline, activists have disrupted the industry’s bottom line.
A series of new reports studies global warming's role in extreme weather.
Chevron polluted the Ecuadorian rainforest, but a lawyer—in his efforts to hold the oil company accountable—also got his hands dirty, a new book says.
The EPA’s new oil refinery rules are another half-step toward environmental justice.