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A decade ago, when Francis Wachira began planting amid the traffic-clogged streets of downtown Nairobi, his neighbors laughed out loud. Now they're lining up for advice on how to do the same. Photo by Antonio Bolfo
Some 15 million Africans abandon the countryside every year in pursuit of better lives in the city. Climate change and further desertification will only exacerbate that trend. How will these ballooning urban populations survive? The best strategy, they're finding, is to begin sowing seeds right where they are.


Born to Be Wild
Time to delve again into those childhood books -- gateways to untamed places, fierce beasts, and our enduring affinity for the natural world.
Creature of the Deep
Charismatic and mysterious, the sturgeon has been around for 85 million years. We may have no more than 20 years left to save it from extinction.
Lights, Camera, Activism!
Four of the 10 most successful documentaries at the box office have been on environmental themes. Indy filmmaker Mark Kitchell hopes to add his new movie to the list.
The Synthesist
Scientists are finding that the high-resolution panoramic photos known as GigaPan images can open up strange new worlds.
Hot-Rod? Tru Eco-Mod
Forget souping up your car to look cool or ride fast: eco-modders are hell-bent on energy independence.