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Chemists have always been told that their job was to create miracle molecules, not to worry about public health. UC Berkeley’s Center for Green Chemistry plans to change that. Photo by Tia Magallon
For more than half a century, we've been poisoned in the name of progress. But scientists, consumers, and even big corporations are starting to come to the same conclusion -- we should find ways of designing the products we need without endangering our health in the process. There's a name for this: green chemistry.


Planting the Trees of Life
Haiti seems cursed by history, staggering from one disaster to the next. But dedicated local activists refuse to give up the fight to reverse centuries of environmental degradation.
The Corn Mob
Remember when corn ethanol was touted as the green fuel of the future? Now it's a $6 billion a year boondoggle -- whose days may finally be numbered.
Motown Revival?
Detroit has become our most notorious story of urban collapse. But perhaps we should consider the city's official motto: "it shall rise from the ashes."
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With the help of a group called the Mayors Automotive Coalition, down-at-the-heels towns are reinventing themselves, in various shades of green.
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The Synthesist
The Synthesist
Artificial illumination at night takes its toll on the natural world. We need to find a way to curb its effects.
Open Space
Should images of a ruined post-human world be an invitation to despair, or a call to action?
Science fiction writers ask if climate change is transforming Earth into the ultimate alien planet. Paolo Bacigalupi reviews the anthology Welcome to the Greenhouse.
The Beekeeper's Lament Powering the Dream From Our Contributors
Putting Down Roots
A new dad sets down roots -- and connects to his past -- with a backyard vegetable garden.