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This Alaskan husky lives with its owners on a remote stretch of tundra near Kotzebue, in Alaska's far north, where hunting is vital to survival and to a culture threatened by melting sea ice.
An outpost on the Chukchi Sea, north of the Arctic Circle, reveals how swiftly a world of seemingly eternal ice and wild bounty can change in a warming climate. Bound together in a fragile food web dependent on diminishing sea ice, Inuit people, polar bears, ringed seals, Arctic cod, and even tiny crustaceans must now struggle to adapt.


Bruce Gordon
High above the Rockies, pilot Bruce Gordon shows scientists, students, advocates, and politicians the beauty of the land—and how to protect it.
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We have too little water, and much of what we do have is in the wrong places. Creating a "virtual river" can provide some of the solutions we need.
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The loss of Louisiana's wetlands calls for a new approach that moves beyond our obsession with straight lines and respects, as well, Nature's own engineering prowess.
The Synthesist
The Synthesist
Nanotechnology shines a light on zooplankton, and what may be the world's largest migration.
Two memoirs take on the literary challenge of saying something new about our western lands.
Stolen World The Docks Spotlight: Planet Arctic
Open Space
In our overlit world, can we rediscover the wonder -- and the loneliness -- of the ancient night sky?
Even trailer homes and power lines cannot interfere with the profound solace of birding.