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The real damage is not done when BP makes an outlandish mistake in the Gulf of Mexico, but when BP, Exxon, and the rest of the fossil fuel industry go about their normal daily business.
Any hope that the Deepwater Horizon would mark a turning point in the fight for a climate bill quickly evaporated.  But the spill still offers us a "teachable moment" on many critical issues -- from our reckless consumption patterns and our invatuation with new technologies to the political strategies we will need to confront our two national disaster areas: the one in the Gulf and the other in Congress.


As we stagger to the end of another brutally hot summer, addicted to air-conditioning, it's time to come up with more energy-efficient alternatives.  Fortunately they're out there.
Organic, Slow Food, eating local.  What's not to like?  But here's a heretical idea; that the next big food revolution may come from giant corporations like Walmart and Unilever.
For those retracing the steps of a French explorer in remote British Columbia, a piece of free advice: leave the Citroëns at home.
The Gulf swarms with bacteria that love to eat oil. Could they hold the key to future environmental clean-ups?
Q&A: A Human Disaster Dining Al Fresco Prozac Please! De-Bugging Solar Picking Up a New Habit Stand Up Straight An Illuminating Moment Man, That's Killer Weed
Book coverOnEarth celebrates the publication of a new book in which NRDC's visionary founder and his wife, Patricia Adams, tell the inspiring story of the organization that was born in their living room.  With exclusive excerpts, an interview with the authors, and a time line of NRDC accomplishments.
Book cover
Human history is one long cycle of feast and famine. Richard Manning asks if agriculture has a fatal flaw.
Deep Blue Home The Smart Swarm Spotlight: 100 Caterpillars
Open Space
How does The Lorax stand up after 40 years?  A mother and daughter reread Dr. Seuss's classic.
Living Green
Tonight's menu: Sazeracs, crab salad, andouille.  A homage to the food (and people) of the Gulf.
The Synthesist
Saving the earth is hard enough. But it may also be time to think about saving the moon.
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