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A farmer in Rajasthan finds his way home with the help of a solar lantern.
Raise a Billion People out of Poverty Without Destroying the Environment. Can It Be Done?


Landscape designer Diana Balmori wants us to think of cities as living things, organically connected to the natural world.
Scientists are closing in on an inescapable conclusion: Pesticides may be a cause of Parkinson's disease.
Interstate 15 as it crosses the Mojave Desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is one of the most remote and desolate stretches of superhighway in the United States.
Serving Suggestion Q & A: Tomorrow's Wars Electric Trees Green Playthings Your Local Climate
We have long been accustomed, in a world of ever-shrinking natural habitats, to the practice of fencing off patches of wilderness to save the wildlife within.
It seems so obvious: the chemicals around us contribute to ailments like asthma, declining fertility, and certain cancers.
Swimming with Piranhas at Feeding Time Ecological Intelligence Spotlight: Mannahatta
On an early spring morning in a classroom in New York City's hardscrabble East Harlem neighborhood, a group of four dozen young adults listens intently to a presentation by Elizabeth Yeampierre, president of the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance.
This December, the international community will meet in Copenhagen to forge a new climate agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol.
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