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Rice paddies emerge from the early morning mist near the town of Chuknagar in southern Bangladesh.
What Happens When Global Warming Turns Millions of Destitute Muslims Into Environmental Refugees?


How a group of longtime, often bitter adversaries came together at last to save a wilderness.
Were it not for the Sweetwater Jaycees' World's Largest Rattlesnake Round-Up few people other than Sweetwater's 11,000 residents would know of this Texas town.
Nothing has so disfigured our landscape as strip malls and big-box stores. But the same market forces that created them may now be turning them into dinosaurs.
Q & A: The Hard Sell Cozy Residence, 3 BRs + Trash The Slush Busters Growing Smarter China Bags It
On the African savanna, one woman goes eyeball-to-eyeball with a curious bull elephant and wonders at the earth's endless varieties of self-expression.
When last we heard from Marie Winn, she had evolved from a reporter for the Wall Street Jour­nal into a bird-watcher who stalked the canyons of New York follow­ing a hawk named Pale Male.
Green Me Thousand Mile Song Curse of the Black Gold
In 2004 I landed a job as an editor at Florida Sportsman and bought a house near its offices in Martin County, Florida.
Largely ignored by media obsessed with this year's presidential primary frenzy is a development of monu­mental proportions.
FIELDWORK: The Strategist NRDC in the News
At night I drape T-shirts, pillows, and last week’s yellowing newspapers over the electronics in my bedroom.
Crossing the Next Bridge Lord of the Dragonflies Constructing a Greener Future Covert Operation